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Items are a category of loadout for Survivors and can be used to aid an escape. Items can be obtained by picking a specific Survivors or by finding them in Chests during a trial. Some characters can only carry their own item such as the Priestess or the Wildling (Murro).

There are currently a total of 11 items featured in Identity V Identity v.png.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Chest Loot[edit | edit source]

For further information, see Chests

Items[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of all current items:

Controllers[edit | edit source]

The Controller is the Mechanic's item that is used to control a puppet. If you play as the Mechanic you can control the puppet even if you're incapacitated or tied to the rocket chair, but the control will be interrupted if you been rescued. The Controller last longer
Controller A controller can enable command over a puppet. This puppet can be used to decode Cipher Machines and rescue survivors from Rocket Chairs.

Elbow Pads[edit | edit source]

Elbow Pads are the Mercenary's item that are used to deflect oneself off of a wall. If you play as the Mercenary, the Elbow Pads breaks slower
Elbow pads.png
Elbow Pads Elbow pads are used to push off of the surface of a wall. The wall must be highlighted in blue to be used.

Flare Guns[edit | edit source]

The Flare Gun is the Coordinator's item that is used to stun the Hunter. If you play as the Coordinator stunning the hunter with the Flare Gun increases the time the hunter needs to recover
Flare gun.png
Flare Gun The flare gun is used to momentarily stun the Hunter. It can be fired from a medium distance.

Flashlights[edit | edit source]

The Flashlight is the Thief's item that is used to blind the Hunter. If the Hunter is carrying a Survivor on their shoulder, getting blinded will make them drop that Survivor and be stunned for a few seconds.
The Flashlight is also very effective against the Hunters. Shining a Flashlight upon The Ripper when he is cloaked or in the act of uncloaking will trigger the light burn effect, stunning him for a few seconds and forcing an instant uncloak. The Flashlight lasts longer if the Thief uses it
Flashlight A flashlight can incapacitate hunters by shining light on them for a certain amount of time.

Gulliver's Travels[edit | edit source]

Gulliver's Travels is the Explorer's item that is used to shrink a Survivor and make them very small. They are rendered undetectable by the Hunter's radar, but cannot drop pallets, open exit gates, or vault windows. Gulliver's Travels does not deplete if used by the Explorer.
Gulliver's Travels Gulliver's Travels enables a Survivor to turn into a tiny Lilliputian after reading the travels. Undetectable by the hunter's radar after shrinking, but cannot perform most actions.

Holy Key[edit | edit source]

Holy Key is the Priestess's item that can create portals against surfaces that survivors may travel through. This item is exclusive to the Priestess.
[[File:|center|frameless|64px]] Holy Key

Lasso[edit | edit source]

Lasso is the Cowboy's item that is used to grab survivors and carry them on his back. Survivors can be grabbed from anywhere the lasso reaches, including from rocket chairs. This item is exclusive to the Cowboy
[[File:|center|frameless|64px]] Lasso

Maps[edit | edit source]

The Map is the Lawyer's item that is used to track and mark props in the World. The map can track Cipher Machines. The Map is not depleted if you play as the Lawyer .
Map The map can be used to check the location of large buildings, cipher machines not decoded and escape exits. The map displays the location of you and your teammates normally and the hunter's location when their outline appear. The marks on hand-drawn maps are not exactly accurate and need to be changed frequently.

Music Box[edit | edit source]

The Music Box is the Dancer's item that is used to slow down or speed up actions and movement of survivors and hunters within its range. This item is exclusive to the Dancer.
[[File:|center|frameless|64px]] Music Box

Euphoria[edit | edit source]

Euphoria is the Perfumer's item that is used to spray a cloud of perfume that acts as a teleportation point.The Perfumer can use the Euphoria more often.
Perfume Perfume is sprayed in an area, and can be teleported to at a later time. It will not last for long, however.

Rugby Balls[edit | edit source]

The Rugby Ball, or Football, is the Forward's item that is used to stun the killer by dashing into them. Knocking them into objects stuns them for longer.
Rugby Ball The rugby ball can be used to dash forward. However, the user will be exhausted. If it is used to dash into a Hunter, the Hunter will be stunned. They will be stunned for a longer period of time if they are pushed into an obstacle such as a wall.

Syringes[edit | edit source]

The Syringe is the Doctor's item that allows the user to self-heal. The Syringe is not depleted if you play as the Doctor.
Syringe The syringe enables the user to heal themselves when wounded.

Toolkits[edit | edit source]

The Toolkit is the Gardener's item that can be used to sabotage Rocket Chairs. The Toolkit cannot be depleted when used by the Gardener.
Toolkit The toolkit can destroy rocket chairs on site.

Decoy[edit | edit source]

The Decoy is the Magician's item that is used to create illusions in-place and hide yourself for a few seconds.
[[File:|center|frameless|64px]] Decoy