Infinite Nirvana

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Infinite Nirvana is an ability in Identity V IconHelp IVlogo.png. It is unique to Wu Chang.


Infinite Nirvana
Character: Wu Chang

Throws the Umbrella at the target location, where it will stay for 5 seconds. Outlines of Survivors in the area covered by the Umbrella will be shown, with their movement speed and vaulting speed slightly decreased, and other interaction speeds significantly decreased. Outlines of these Survivors will still be shown for 5 seconds after they move outside the area. For the duration where the Umbrella is active, Wu Chang can choose to teleport to where the Umbrella is and switch to Dual Soul mode, or retrieve the Umbrella to recover skill countdown. Without the Umbrella, Wu Chang's movement speed and window vaulting speed is increased. The Umbrella will return to Wu Chang when the 5 seconds are up.