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The Hunters are characters in Identity V IconHelp IVlogo.png.


The Hunters are tasked to hunt down and eliminate the Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png and send them back to the Manor before they can escape.
In order to achieve this objective, a Hunter should do the following:

  • Patrol the area and find Survivors.
  • Chase, injure and catch Survivors before they escape.
  • Carry Survivors to a Rocket Chair and tie them there.

Meanwhile, Survivors will be attempting to repair 5 Cipher Machines in order to power the 2 Exit Gates and make their escape. Hunters should do everything in their power to stop them.

List of Hunters[edit]

Leo Beck FP.png
Hell Ember- Leo Beck

Joker FP.png
Smiley Face- Joker

Jack FP.png
The Ripper - Jack

Bane FP.png
Gamekeeper - Bane Perez

Violetta FP.png
Soul Weaver- Violetta

Michiko FP.png
Geisha- Michiko

Hastur FP.png
Feaster- Hastur

Black and White FP.png
Wu Chang

Joseph FP.png
Photographer- Joseph

Mad Eyes FP.png
Mad Eyes - Burke

Yidhra FP.png
Dream Witch- Yidhra

Robbie FP.png
Axe Boy- Robbie White

Luchino FP.png
Evil Reptilian - Luchino

Mary FP.png
Bloody Queen- Mary

Bonbon FP.png
Guard 26- Bonbon

Disciple - Ann

The Violinist- Antonio

Sculptor- Galatea

Hunter Abilities[edit]

Each Hunter has a unique set of skills, or Abilities.

Hunter Abilities
Icon Name Description Character
Puppet Control

For an unknown reason, Hell Ember is connected with his puppet. After tapping Deploy or Cast, the puppet can detect surrounding survivors and alert Leo. Leo can switch positions with the puppet, gaining an acceleration boost for a short period. The puppet can be dismantled by survivors, during which time Leo is unable to switch positions.

Hell Ember
Leo Beck.png
Multiple Puppet Control

After a successful pursuit, Leo acquires a second puppet covered in red stains.

Hell Ember
Leo Beck.png
Rocket dash.png
Rocket Dash

Brandishing a rocket, Joker dashes forward quickly and destroys all targets in his way——"Go nuts, my rocket friend!"

Smiley Face
Crazed dash.png
Crazed Dash

After multiple intimate collaborations, Joker can dash farther and faster with his rocket—— ——"Go nuts, my rocket friend!"

Smiley Face
Hidden in mist.png
Hidden in Mist

The fog is the Ripper's best friend. They are one and the same. When not striking or vaulting, Jack can gradually enter Hidden in Mist mode and become a dreaded, invisible hunter.

The Ripper
Hidden in shadows.png
Hidden in Shadows

The dense fog evokes memories of the Big Smoke. The Ripper can enter Hidden in Mist mode quickly and gain bonus movement speed.

The Ripper
Chain hook.png
Chain Hook

Bane hooks survivors and pulls them to him or hooks a wall and pulls himself towards the wall. Long press to aim more precisely——"You're going nowhere!"

Fury hook.png
Fury Hook

Fury makes Bane even more powerful. Now his chain hook deals damage when hitting survivors——"You're going nowhere!


Webbing is Violetta's natural instinct. Hold the skill button and choose a location to set a cobweb trap. Violetta will gain a brief acceleration that gradually slows when passing cobweb traps. This effect can be stacked up to three times by using new webs. Violetta will be alerted to the location of survivors that step on a tap and survivors will be entangled with one layer of webbing; survivors can be entangled with two layers of webbing. — — "Waiting is a virtue of hunters."

Soul Weaver

Spits out a ball of web that Entangles its target. Each successful hit deals half the damage of a normal attack and the target is Entangled with one layer of webbing, up to a maximum of three layers. — — "I love hunting!"

Soul Weaver
Web attack.png
Web Attack

As time passes, the Soul Weaver's spinning ability becomes stronger, speeding up the spinning action and reducing its cost. — — "Cobweb carnival! Happy holidays!"

Soul Weaver
Moment of Death.png
Dash Hit

Michiko enters genesis mode and assumes the Prajna form. She ignores the terrain and rushes toward the survivor closest to the middle of where she is looking. But, should Michikos face be gazed upon by a survivor, Panic form will be activated and special abilities negated.

Leaving the Soul.png
Soul Departure

Michiko enters genesis mode and changes into Prajna form and jumps into the air to overlook the surrounding environment. Her Dash Hit also gains casting distance. But, should Michiko's face be seen by a survivor, Panic form will be activated and the skill will lose its effect.

Moment of Death Upgraded.png
Dash Hit

Survivors' fear increases the Michiko's powers. Michiko can now dash towards survivors at a higher speed.

Nightmare attack.png
Nightmare Attack

Hastur can control nearby tentacles. Tap and hold the skill button to hit the nearest survivor with the tentacle.

The Feaster

Hastur calls forth tentacles from the abyss. Tap and hold the skill button and select the location to release the tentacles. Tentacles deteriorate quicker around rocket chairs with survivors on them.

The Feaster
Nightmare gaze.png
Nightmare Gaze

Hastur can control tentacles and command them to strike nearby survivors. Survivors touched by Hastur's gaze will be attacked by tentacles for 20s. Cooldown for Nightmare Tripper is increased by an additional 10s when a survivor is touched by Hastur's gaze.

The Feaster

List of Hunter Talents[edit]

Hunter Talent
Icon Name Class Mastery Description Requirement
Deteriorate Tough 1

Reduces wounded survivors' decoding, healing, and destroying speed by 5%.

It's not only the wounds that are worsening, but also the fear that perpetually infiltrates your mind.

Points required: 5
Panic Tough 1

When a survivor is wounded, incapacitated, or placed on a rocket chair, decoding, healing and destroying speed for all survivors is reduced by 3%. This effect can multiply.

The panic that approaches despair infects. One, two, four...

Require 1 Deteriorate
Rage Tough 3

The iron-blood trait increases the hunter's rate of recovery by 10%/15%/20% when stunned or a survivor struggles free.

Angered the existence that you shall not provoke, not even a chance to regret.

Require 1 Panic
Berserker Tough 3

Attack recovery speed is increased by 15%/20%/25% when a survivor is placed on a rocket chair.

The panic of gradually worsening blindness will drive you to despair.

Require 1 Panic
Fallen misfortune.png
Wither Tough 3

When a Survivor is placed on a Rocket Chair and the Hunter is 18 meters away, the Hunter's normal attacks will reduce Survivor's acceleration effect by 10%/20%/30%

Rush to the ending.

Require 1 Deteriorate
Destructiveness Tough 3

Pallet destroying speed is increased by 20%/30%/40%.

Only constant destruction can serve as a release. Let no one escape!

Require 1 Wither
Confined space.png
Confined Space Tough: Final Talent 1

When vaulting windows, the hunter can block the window for 20 seconds, preventing both survivors and the hunter from vaulting the window.

Boxed prey can never escape!

Require 3 Destructiveness
Restraint Tough 1

Reduces the fear radius by 15%.

Arbitrary acts will only expose your existence. Learn to hold back, to restrain yourself.

Require 1 Deteriorate
Owl Vigilance 1

Reduces the survivor's scope of a successful calibration within the fear radius by 30% when they are decoding, healing, and destroying.

Under the owl's gaze, no one remains calm.

Points required: 5
Announcement Vigilance 1

Survivors are highlighted for 5 seconds when the exit gate is activated.

Before the curtain faills, no performance-pursuing devotees will miss the final announcement.

Require 1 Owl
Wanted order.png
Wanted Order Vigilance 3

When a survivor is placed on a rocket chair and the remaining 3 survivors are healthy or injured, the outline of a random survivor will be shown and the Movement Speed is reduced by 4%/2%/0%. The debuff will disappear when the Survivor on the Rocket Chair has been rescued, but the outline will last for another 20 seconds.

I've got my eye on you!

Require 1 Announcement
Impact Vigilance 3

Healing time for survivors who are hit is increased by 15%/20%/30%

It will make a difference, sooner or later.

Require 1 Announcement
Raven flock.png
Hunter's Instinct Vigilance 3

Each uninjured Survivor will increase the Hunter's Movement Speed when not in pursuit by 0.5%/1%/1.5%. However, once Tier I Skill is unlocked, it will no longer increase the Hunter's Movement Speed.

How do sharks hunt?.

Require 1 Owl
Hospitable Vigilance 3

Movement speed is increased by 5%/10%/15% when balloons are tied to survivors

Hospitality is a courtesy, but that depends on the person.

Require 3 Hunter's Instinct
Wicked hound.png
Trump Card Vigilance: Final Talent 1

You can change your hunter's active trait after the battle has started for 120 seconds. The cooldown time is refreshed in proportion and can only be changed once.

A crafty player will never reveal his Trump Card

Require 3 Hospitable
Desperate Fight Vigilance 1

Stunned again after 15 seconds, and Stun recovery speed is increased by 20%, with a maximum increase of 60%

Unnecessary resistence will only cause the Hunter to be more excited

Require 1 Owl
Inertia Dread 1

Increases attack recovery speed by 10%.

Faster! Faster! The inertia of tearing and breaking!

Points required: 5
Eye for an eye.png
Cat And Mouse Dread 1

Gain 20% bonus on windows vaulting speed after continuosly pursuing a Survivor for 12 seconds. The bonus effect disappears when the pursuit fails or when interacting with other objects, attacking or stunned

Agile prey attracts even more agile Hunters

Require 1 Inertia
Control freak.png
Control Freak Dread 3

Speeds up rocket chair's countdown by 3%/6%/9%.

Lives without freedom fade in a flash.

Require 1 Cat And Mouse
Giant claw.png
Giant Claw Dread 3

The struggling effect by survivors tied to balloons is reduced by 25%/50%/75% and struggling speed by 5%/10%/15%.

Struggle, distort. Powerless resistance is quite a sight.

Require 1 Cat And Mouse
Mock Dread 3

Movement speed is increased by 3%/4%/5% when a survivor is placed on a rocket chair.

Teasing one's prey is not just for sport, but also to attract more moths to the flame.

Require 1 Inertia
Carnival Dread 3

Gain 5%/7%/10% attack recovery speed and 3%/4%/5% movement speed when the exit gate is activated. The effect lasts for 120 seconds.

How could you miss the last carnival before parting?

Require 3 Mock
Detention Dread: Final Talent 3

Lethal strikes are activated when the exit gate is powered on. Can incapacitate survivors with one shot. The effect lasts for 120 seconds.

What's the hurry? Stay here forever.

Require 3 Carnival
No Survivors Dread 1

Within the range of 10 meters from a knocked down Survivor, each free-moving Survivor will increase the Hunter's attack recovery speed by 10% with a maximum of 3 stacks.

Any closer and you'll be the next.

Require 1 Inertia
Deer hunt.png
Deer Hunt Deceit 1

Displays incapacitated survivors within 18 meters.

When people become prey, they cease to be people.'

Points required: 5
Tinnitus Deceit 1

Receive a prompt when a survivor is within 36 meters.

Could the tinnitus be a sign? A hint?

Require 1 Deer Hunt
Hunt Deceit 3

Gains 10% movement speed after continuously pursuing a survivor for 12/10/8 seconds. The bonus effect disappears when the pursuit fails, vaulting obstacles, attacking, or stunned.

Never stop moving forward...

Require 1 Tinnitus
Street sweeper.png
Street Sweeper Deceit 3

Displays survivors who are healing or being healed within 20/26/32 meters of your location.

The scavenger never sees eye to eye with the humanitarian spirit. All diseases shall be eliminated.

Require 1 Tinnitus
Possessive Deceit 3

Reduces the speed at which survivors decode, heal, and destroy within the fear radius by 3%/5%/7% seconds.

Targeted prey has no right to move free.

Require 1 Deer Hunt
After effects.png
After Effects Deceit 3

Reduces the self-healing limit of incapacitated survivors by 10%/20%/30%.

You will never get up...

Require 3 Possessive
Insolence Deceit: Final Talent 1

Hunters can increase their in-game presence to unlock their special abilities. Presence stops increasing after skills are unlocked.

Such a freak!

Require 3 After Effects
Claustrophobia Deceit 1

If there are four active survivors (survivors that are knocked down, have balloons tied to them or are sitting on a rocket chair are considered non-active) within 20 seconds after the exit gate has been activated, it opens 70% slower.

While confined in a room, every minute and second makes the fear feel eternal.

Require 1 Deer Hunt

General Tips[edit]

  • Know your timings! The bar that fills up when a Survivor is on a chair tells them of their demise. The first time you 'chair' a survivor, they start at the beginning. The second time they are 'chaired', they start halfway full immediately, the third time they are 'chaired', they are immediately sent off!
  • If the bar fills up more than halfway the first time a survivor is chaired and another survivor saves them, they will be immediately sent off the second time they are chaired.
  • Try not to immediately hit a survivor trying to rescue a teammate on sight. If the rescuer is near the chair, chances are they will be able to save their teammate while you recharge from hitting them. Instead, try to time for a Terror Shock when the rescuer is saving. Stay calm and sharp and observe: the rescuer will try to bait you into hitting the chair or hitting them before they save their teammate and escape while you recharge.
  • Try not to chase good kiters/rescuers at the start of the game. Characters like the Mercenary and the Forward can waste a lot of your time while you chase them and other survivors decode. Try to find quick decoders first like the Mind's Eye and the Mechanic.
  • During chases, if a survivor is running to a window and you are within hitting range, hold back on hitting them until they begin to vault over. You can Terror Shock them if you catch them mid-vault, instantly downing them!
  • Instead of falling into the trick of being stunned by a pallet, do a quick twirl in front of the pallet during chases where you know that a Survivor is hiding next to one. More often than not, they will immediately use it, letting you destroy it afterward.
  • The basement is your friend. When near the basement, always try to tie survivors on the rocket chairs in the basement. The basement does not have any pallets or windows the survivors can use to their advantage and is a pretty wide open area, ideal for catching rescuers that try to rescue teammates from the basement or survivors that are rescued off the rocket chairs. Additionally, falling down the stairs of the basement allows you to attack without recharge and you can hit the rescuer immediately after, allowing you to down the rescuer.
  • Protect the dungeon hatch! If one survivor is left and 2 ciphers are still unfinished, you're going to bet that they are scouring the map for the dungeon. If you've seen the hatch during one of your chases, make a note of where it is on the map, and run there. Chances are, you'll find the injured survivor limping towards it.
  • It is helpful to memorise the possible locations of basements and dungeons on every map so that you know where to go.