Holy Key

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Holy Key
Door key.png
Character: Priestess

Holy Key is an external trait in Identity V Identity v.png. It is unique to the Priestess.

Description[edit | edit source]

Creates a passage between self and Teammates. Other Survivors crossing the passage will leave a residual image that can be attacked by Hunters.

The Priestess carries the Holy Key around and can choose to generate either a Straight Passage or an Ultra-Long Passage. Both passages created will not lead to contaminated earth or areas, and Hunter can destroy passages.

Straight Passage

Both Survivors and Hunters can pass through. Passages entered by Hunters will be destroyed after they squeeze through. At the same time, the Hunter will be stunned for a period of time, and the stun duration increases with the passage's length.

Ultra-Long Passage

Survivors entering the portal will be quickly transported to the other side after a few seconds. A residual image of Survivors that use the Ultra-Long Passage will remain at the entrance of the passage when using it. The time they remain is determined by the length of the portal.

The Hunter can attack these images. When the images are attacked, the damage and special effects inflicted are transferred to the Survivor, and the Survivor becomes visible for 10s.

Hunters cannot pass through the Ultra-Long Passage.

How to use

Tapping the Holy Key skill button will create a Straight Passage to the selected location.

Tapping the Special Holy Key skill button will activate the Observe Call mode and send out a call to a selected teammate.

Long pressing the Special Holy Key skill button will activate the Direct Call mode and send a call to all teammates.

When a teammate answers the call, the Priestess will create an Ultra-Long Passage between the two of them, which takes a while to complete.