Golden Cave

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Golden Cave is one of 9 maps in Identity V IconHelp IVlogo.png


Despite that not a single piece of gold was ever found, Count Barriere still got what he wanted with this land.


The Golden Cave is said to be where the Prospector worked. The cave was destroyed and many miners died in it. The ghouls in the Basement levels are believed to represent the dead miners.


Golden Cave has three levels. At the start of the game, three Survivors will spawn on the first floor and one on the Basement 1 floor.

An elevator connects these three floors, and can be used to travel one floor at a time, in any direction. The elevator takes some time to arrive at the player's current floor (if the elevator is on a different floor when being summoned), begin to move, and travel from floor to floor. More than 1 Survivor can ride the elevator together. Survivors can get terror shocked if hit while riding the elevator.

A railway track also connects these three floors, forming a full path from the first floor to the last. The trolley used to ride on this track will spawn on the first floor, and can be ridden down to the last floor by a Survivor or a Hunter. Once the trolley has reached the last floor, it cannot be used anymore. Survivors who stand on the railway track and get rammed by the trolley will become incapacitated. Hunters who stand on the railway track and get rammed by the trolley will get stunned. Survivors in the trolley who get hit will get terror shocked. The Hunter can move faster than the railway cart.

The exit gates can be found on the first floor and the last floor. The basement has two spawn points, both located on the first floor. Holes on the grounds of the floor can be used to drop down onto the next floor. A ladder attached to holes also connects these two floors and can be used to climb from the lower floor to the higher floor. The climbing duration for hunters is the same, faster than the survivors who also have uniform climbing durations.

Obstacles NPCs can be found on the Basement 1 and 2 levels of the map. Ants can spit at players and reduce the movement speed of their characters. Ghouls can throw rocks at players and stun their character temporarily. Hunters can hit Ghouls and force them to retreat, but new ghouls will respawn. Currently, these NPCs are removed from the map so the maps are less buggy. They will be added back into the map when the bugs are fixed.

There are a few animations for the Hunters and Survivors when they climb the ladders and use the trolleys.



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