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Gender: Female
Career: Sculptor
Prop: Sculpting Knife/Chisel
Clues: 4508
Echoes: 858
Voice Actor: TBA

Galatea, or the Sculptor, is one of 18 Hunters IconHelpLoading hunter.png currently featured in Identity V Identity v.png.


Galatea is able to use her statues to inflict damage on survivors. By pressing and holding either of the two statue skill buttons, the player can adjust the position of the statues to be released. One set of statues will move vertically up and down, while the other, horizontally left and right.

When initially spawned, the statues will begin in the highlighted square corners and move towards the middle. Upon reaching the middle or hitting an obstacle, the statue will then move in the opposite direction until it hits another obstacle. Then, it will turn and move in the initial direction until in reaches the middle or hits an obstacle. Obstacles include players and map structures.

Survivors must be pushed into either a map structure or sandwiched between two statues to receive 0.25 damage.

Galatea can also utilise her chisel to construct a fixed area. While the area is active, Galatea can see the area from a bird's eye view and use her statues to attack. The player can still move her physical body.

This area lasts for a short period of time, and players can exit the area by nullifying the ability themselves (exit button), or by getting interrupted (for example, being stunned).


Galatea was originally a mediocre sculptor. One day, she received an invitation letter. A mysterious wealthy businessman invited her to his house to make a statue of him. Galatea went there as an appointment and nobody knew about her journey.

After what happened, Galatea returned, exploding with a strong desire for creation and a dazzling sculpting talent. It seemed that her family was very happy, but gradually, they found out that Galatea often talked to the statues as if they were alive.

One night, Galatea's father discovered that his daughter was talking to the statue. Her enraged father picked up the statue and threw it off the terrace. Galatea jumped down along with it without hesitation, causing her to be hemiplegic.

Her family thought Galatea was insane so they sent her to a mental asylum. However, Galatea's condition didn't improve. She was beginning to refuse to communicate with living people. She would take everything out that could be sculpted at her hand, carve out the same face and name this face after her own name.

The hospital arranged her in a remote yard, leaving only a female nurse to look after her. One day, the nursing staff did not go to the main building to report Galatea's recent situation to the doctor as per usual. The doctor went to the yard to check on her and found out that Galatea was nowhere to be found and only a complete "masterpiece" was left in the ward.

External Traits

External Traits
Icon Name Description
Sculpture of Strength Galatea’s sculpture can push Survivors by force. Pushing Survivors against obstacles will deal damage equal to half of a normal attack on them.

Sculptures are generated in pairs and will move towards each other at high speed once they have risen. If they hit an obstacle, they will return in the opposite direction. They will be destroyed if they hit an obstacle 3 times.


The generation of sculptures is restricted in certain special terrains. Survivors will not suffer repeated damage from Sculpture Crush within 1 second.


These are four Abilities that are unique to the Scuptor:

Icon Name Description
Sculpture of Wisdom Galatea summons a pair of side-by-side sculptures at the target location.

Survivors who are hit will suffer damage equal to 1/2 normal attack.

Sculpture of Agility Galatea summons a pair of sculptures, one in front of another, at the target location.

Survivors who are hit will suffer damage equal to 1/2 normal attack.

Hieroglyphic Graveyard Galatea throws out a weapon toward the target location. Once the weapon lands, a Hieroglyphic Graveyard with a 26m diameter will be generated. In the next 16 seconds, Galatea will look down on the Hieroglyphic Graveyard from the creator’s perspective and make sculptures, during which she can move but cannot perform most actions such as attacking.

Creator's Perspective

Galatea gains a bird's eye view of the terrain around her, making it easier for her to find Survivors.

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Sculpture of Nobility When two different sculptures collide, they will merge into the Sculpture of Nobility and immediately charge towards the nearest Survivor. It will shatter when it hits the target or an obstacle, dealing damage equal to half of a normal attack to all Survivors within a small range.

Appearance Decoration

Icon Name Series Description Cost
Original N/A The original costume. Everything looks so natural. N/A
Worn Clothes N/A
Checkmate S12 Essence 2 Will castling be the winning move? ([Limited] Costume, only available in S12 Essence 2.) N/A
Pawn N/A To checkmate or to be sacrificed? That is the question. 318 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 1188 Fragments Fragments-2020.png


As Hunter

  • The sculpting knife has the range of 3-4 survivors normal and 4 or so when charged.
  • Swinging the camera around doesn’t work well with the sculpting knife because the hit box is very small.
  • Corner the survivor against a pallet or wall with the statues and then hit them.
  • Her normal attack is difficult to aim because it’s small. Focus on tricking survivors so you can terror shock them.
  • TBA

As Survivor


  • Most Galatea players carry teleport and blink.
  • Statues can only go straight until the third presence so just try to avoid them.
  • Statues recharge REALLY FAST. Galatea is like Guard 26 and waits to terror shock you.
  • Galatea is a strategic hunter... It’s a chess match and you have to make your move too. Think one step ahead and you should be okay.


  • It’s okay to take a hit from the statues; just keep moving to keep space.
    • You want to be at least 5 spaces ahead of Galatea.
  • Her statues will absolutely get you if you try to linger near pallets and then she’ll hit you.
  • The best way to kite is around objects so you can stand between them; the statues can’t get you, but you must move quickly enough to avoid the sculpting knife.
  • The statues may be used as bait to trick you into juking into her.
  • You can juke her by going near the arm without the knife or staying behind her. Her attack box is like Geisha’s.
  • Avoid vaulting if she’s less than 5 spaces away because her knife will get you or the statues will corner you.
  • Avoid tight spaces.
  • Use similar tactics to when kiting Guard 26, Violinist, Herald, or Gamekeeper.
    • Avoid vaulting and never stop moving.
    • Don’t hover near windows or pallets.
    • It’s okay to be hit by a statue but avoid her at all costs.
    • If you have to take a hit to get a speed boost, that’s okay.


  • When Galatea throws the knife, she can control the statues for about 30 seconds. Good time to rescue.
  • Instant rescues are unexpected but difficult. It’s similar as rescuing from Guard 26.
  • If you get put in the basement, absolutely do not have anyone rescue you. The match will be over in 2 seconds.
    • If you’re chaired in general, it’s better to wait until after half or have 3 ciphers done. You’re gone anyway.
  • 3rd presence = probably don’t try to rescue at all.
    • Even with a primed cipher, she can spam the statues and incapacitate survivors without even lifting a finger.
  • Stunners don’t work because she has other attacks.
  • Mercenary is one of the best rescuers for her.
    • If you have a Mercenary, they need to “instant rescue” because avoiding the statues can take up to 20 seconds (half or a little past half depending on the survivor).
  • Forward isn't very useful against Galatea because he can’t take extra hits like Gravedigger and Mercenary can.
  • However, Gravedigger can be smacked out of his tunnel AND hit again by the statues.
  • Wildling is good for his boar but don’t try to rescue as him without it.
  • Acrobat should be a co-rescuer or rescuer against Galatea.
    • He can juke, and can jump away from both her and her statues if need be.
    • Galatea hovers near pallets and windows, meaning Acrobat can just jump over. Galatea is kind of a slow speed hunter, so his speed gives him a huge advantage.
    • Acrobat is especially useful on the Riverside Park map, where he can jump over crates and barrels. Sharp corners are Galatea’s issues when it comes to chasing because she gets stuck on them easily; Riverside has plenty sharp corners for Acrobat to take advantage of.
    • Most importantly, Acrobat can cancel out her skills by using his Fire Bomb. Since her statues are her biggest asset, Fire Bomb will be debilitating against Galatea.

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