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Events are special global or local circumstances with special rewards and other gameplay alterations to the base mechanics of Identity V IconHelp IVlogo.png. They typically mark the celebration of a major event, such as Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, or Halloween.

Current Events[edit | edit source]

Merry Christmas[edit | edit source]

As the Christmas bell tolls, the season of joy begins! To warm your hearts amid this wonderous winter season, we have prepared a series of holiday events!

Christmas Present[edit | edit source]

During the event, sign-in each day to claim a Christmas present (it may contain clues, fragments, or Christmas exclusive portrait frames). If you forgot to sign-in, you may spend a small amount of inspiration to make-up the sign in.

December 25th, 2019 - January 5th, 2020

Possible Rewards:

  • [Portrait Frame] Frozen Christmas

Christmas Rescue[edit | edit source]

Rescue the frozen Thief or Doctor in their Christmas outfit amidst amidst the harsh weather. Rescue them by completing a minigame. Players will need to choose between one of the two characters to rescue. Light a bonfire to save one of the two characters. Make your choice!

(You will gain the skin belonging to whichever character you save)

December 25th 2019 - January 5th 2020

Players must collect 30 wooden logs in a Match-3 mini-game in order to receive one bonfire

Melting Attempt Rewards:

  • 20 Clues
  • 30 Fragments
  • 40 Clues
  • 40 Fragments
  • [Temporary Costume] General A Costume (3d)

Reward for saving Doctor: [Costume] Xmas Ensemble

New Year Bell[edit | edit source]

Complete battle to obtain New Year Mark. Receive rewards by consuming 2 New Year Marks to ring the New Year Bell! By the way, a little bird told me, a naughty little reindeer also hides within the bell. Complete battles to claim your Christmas presents! (New Year Mark can only be obtained through Quick/Rank matches. Failed matches. Failed matches won't grant any New Year Mark.)

December 30th, 2019 - January 5th, 2020.

Task Reward
Ring Bell 5 times [Pet] Naughty Bruce

No one knows how this little rogue got into the big bell. Shaking its head, it hasn't recovered from the stun.

Frozen in Time - Edward Scissorhands Crossover Event[edit | edit source]

December 19 to January 9, 2019.

Quest Task Rewards
Edward Scissorhands Crossover Event 1 Log in 4 days during the event. [Graffiti] Edward Scissorhands - Snow
Edward Scissorhands Crossover Event 2 Log in 6 days during the event [Graffiti] Edward Scissorhands - Butterfly
Edward Scissorhands Crossover Event 3 Log in 8 days during the event. [Furniture] Ice Sculpture - Dancing under Moonlight
Edward Scissorhands Crossover Event 4 Complete 4 Matches/Rank matches [Graffiti] Edward Scissorhands - Lonely
Edward Scisssorhands Crossover Event 5 Complete 5 matches with a player who is wearing the Edward Scissorhands costume (No need to team up, including enemy players.)


Achieve victory in 5 matches/rank matches

[Accessories] The Ripper - Moonlight Pendant

Blackjack Battle Event[edit | edit source]

Blackjack is now available. Select your Double Identity to begin a fast-paced and exciting battle! We have prepared Mini Events for you, so complete them to obtain Rewards. Completing the final quest will also reward players with The Ripper's B Costume - BlackJack.

This Event will be available for a long period.

Blackjack Battle Quest 1

  • Complete 1 Blackjack battle to obtain rewards
Reward: 20 Clues Clues.png

Blackjack Battle Quest 2

  • Complete 5 Blackjack battles to obtain rewards
Reward: 100 Clues Clues.png

Blackjack Battle Quest 3

  • Win 1 Blackjack battle to obtain rewards
Reward: 100 Clues Clues.png

Blackjack Battle Quest 4

  • Win 5 Blackjack battle to obtain rewards
Reward: [Costume] The Ripper - BlackJack

Returning Player Event[edit | edit source]

Lost Memories[edit | edit source]

Cumulative Login[edit | edit source]

Day Reward
1 [Temporary Identity] Select one of four Temporary Identities for the Returning Player event (7d)
2 S1 Memory Sphere A
3 S1 Memory Sphere B
4 Memory Sphere Season 2
5 Memory Sphere Season 3
6 Memory Sphere Season 4
7 [Permanent Identity] Choose one of four Permanent Identities for the Returning Player event
[Temporary Costume] General A Costume (3d)

New Deductions[edit | edit source]

Presents 2 survivors and 2 hunters and how to play them.

Deduction Verification[edit | edit source]

Provides tasks relating to the survivors and hunters presented in New Deductions, which grant the player rewards upon completion.

New Additions In-Store[edit | edit source]

Shows the latest items added to the store

Previous Events[edit | edit source]

2018 events.png
2019 events.jpg