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Events are special global or local circumstances with special rewards and other gameplay alterations to the base mechanics of Identity V IconHelp IVlogo.png. They typically mark the celebration of a major event, such as Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, or Halloween.

Current Events[edit | edit source]

Castle Banquet Mystery[edit | edit source]

October 24th, 2019 to November 7th, 2019

Where... is this? You wake up in a mysterious castle with no memory of how you got there... The dim-lit castle, with no memory of how you got there... The dim-lit castle, notes in hand, strange paper remnants, and the grand banquet... All these mysteries are waiting to be revealed...

Castle Exploration[edit | edit source]

Once the event begins, players will be able to obtain Candlelight by participating in battles daily; 3 for Victory, 2 for Draw and 1 for Defeat. The max. limit of Candlelight in the first scene is 30. During the event, new scenes will be gradually released. Each time a new scene is released, the max. limit of players' Candlelight will be increased by 30, and the max. limit will be 90. Lighting up scenes using Candlelight, collecting clues and finding all Characters' notes will grant players event exclusive rewards.

Banquet Hall[edit | edit source]


Randomly Placed Ancient Book


Looking at the condition of the book and the dust on it... This book must be at least 300 years old...

Reward: 10 Fragments

Castle Chamber[edit | edit source]

Castle Gallery[edit | edit source]

Mysterious Remnants[edit | edit source]

During the event, players will obtain rewards by answering questions daily on the paper remnants. Completing all 10 questions will even reward players with an event exclusive Portrait Frame. The remnants will reveal the player's personality and inclination towards the banquet characters, and will also recommend other players who share the same inclination.

Adventurer Verification

During the event, you can answer a series of questions daily. Supplementary check-in will be available from November 3.

Question 1

You are a traveler who has decided to come to attend the greatest banquet in the land. Since the journey is long, how would you choose to travel?

  • A flat open road frequented by many, but it's a longer route
  • A winding mountain road that passes through villages
  • A forest with plenty of brambles and beasts, but it's a shorter route

Reward: 20 Clues Clues.png

Question 2

You've run out of food and water. How are you going to get more supplies?

  • Get help from a nearby village
  • Pick wild fruits from the forest
  • Hunt wild animals in the surrounding forest

Reward: 20 Fragments Fragments.png

Question 3

After all the hardships, you finally arrive at your destination, a huge old castle. Who do you think built the castle?

  • An elegant and refined aristocrat
  • A well-renowned knight
  • A person of great power and importance

Reward: [Graffiti] Close Call

Question 4

??? (The handwriting is illegible. Let's check it again later)

Reward: 20 Clues Clues.png

Question 5

??? (The handwriting is illegible. Let's check it again later)

Reward: 20 Fragments Fragments.png

Question 6

??? (The handwriting is illegible. Let's check it again later)

Reward: [Graffiti] New Recipe

Question 7

??? (The handwriting is illegible. Let's check it again later)

Reward: 20 Clues Clues.png

Question 8

??? (The handwriting is illegible. Let's check it again later)

Reward: 20 Fragments Fragments.png

Question 9

??? (The handwriting is illegible. Let's check it again later)

Reward: [Graffiti] Beauty Tips

Question 10

??? (The handwriting is illegible. Let's check it again later)

Reward: [Portrait Frame] Castle Mystery

Banquet Characters[edit | edit source]

The Ripper - Count's Banquet[edit | edit source]

[1 - A Count's Recluse Life in the Castle.]

The Count's life duty is to guard the Bloodline's treasure - the Tome. Over the years, the Tome has driven the Count to prey on others in order to expand the Bloodline. However, the Count grew weary of the fear and hatred of his prey, and started to grow frustrated of his blind obedience to his natural instincts. In the end, he chose to seal off the Tome, banish the clan, and hide away from the world in the castle. Other than loneliness and emptiness, he had nothing else.

[2 - Even Without a Beating Heart, a Spirited Character Remains.]

Through the ancient mirror, the Count received news of the Crimson Bride, but felt nothing. Her greatest mistake was to disregard the mundane prejudices. But does he never desire change? How can you show that your taste and style is not influenced by rumours and stories? How can you erase all prejudice, fear and disdain, even if it only lasts for a moment, so that the clan can no longer endure loneliness? He is not a monster, nor a demon of the night. The moment the banquet candle is lit, he is but a humble master of the castle in service of guests.

[3 - The Night Has Arrived. It's Time to Wake Up, Old Friend.]

A castle banquet during Halloween will be the perfect opportunity to break new grounds. Fo this reason, the Count has awoken the old Butler, who lies deep asleep in the Secret Chamber. It's easy to persuade old friends to join but it'll be difficult to remove their prejudices against outsiders. The Count broke the seal on the Tome, using it to represent the Bloodline in the first banquet of the castle. With the invitations sent out and the table laid out with fine wine and food, why are the guests still hesitating to come?

[4 - Guests are Arriving, Each with Their Own Purpose]

It has been a long time since the Count faced breathing flesh in this manner. But now, he is more concerned with making his guests feel at home compared to his unquenchable desire. The Huntsman below the mountain, the Reservist and even distant travelers... The Count could read their minds using the Tome, but he has not done so. He believes that with his own sincerity and demeanor, he can use this opportunity to make all his guests forget their pasts and reservations and simply enjoy the banquet. However, if anyone sets out to betray the Count's goodwill, he would definitely not spare them.

[5 - What will Remain After the Banquet?]

No one knew when the banquet ended. Its guests scattered and the castle fell back into silence. Since then, no one mentioned the banquet, nor has anyone seen the Count again. Only the symbol of identity, the Banquet Cup was left on the table. Whether his wish was realized or not and no matter how long before he returns, the castle knows only its master, and the Bloodline will always reserve a place for the Count.

Reward: [Portrait] 2019 Halloween, Desperate Moment

Recommended: Banquet Hall

Enchantress - Reservist[edit | edit source]

[1 - Is the Reservist Attending the Banquet?]

It looks like the Count did not mind where his guests are from. He would never refuse anyone invited, just like a butcher who would never refuse to slaughter the lamb. As the Reservist had expected, except for a few travelers, the villagers kept themselves away from the ill-fated banquet. Even if the Count hid his fangs and pretended to greet his guests with grace, his true evil intentions cannot be hidden from the Reservist. After all, he is born bloodthirsty!

[2 - The Reservist is from the Church.]

She lurks in the village at the foot of the mountain and is responsible for monitoring the castle's every move. Throughout the years, the Reservist has become as ignorant as the pedantic villagers. Glimpsing often at the castle through the mirror, this routine has almost become her silent prayer, After all, she has stayed too far from the sanctity of the church and too close to the seclusion of the castle. It is absurdly ironic that she can now walk into the tainted place. But the mission continues. Perhaps the Butler's key is connected to some sacrilegious secrets.

[3 - There's more to this Banquet than meets the eye.]

That evil Tome must be the root of the Count's schemes. Watching the words spread like blood across the page, her fear and curiosity intertwined. The Tome is actually able to read the secrets of the human heart! But the Reservist cannot read the secrets of others. She could only watch her thoughts appearing on the pages: The banquet cup is filled with fine wine and the plates are laden with delicious food, but the evil intentions of the rotten castle can clearly be seen. Even though the Count is well-dressed, his sinister side is always waiting to spy on the hearts of people, enjoying an inner joke on his prey.

[4 - It's Not a Coincidence that Old Acquaintances are Gathered Here.]

The Reservist met the Huntsman of the village. Whether by choice or by force, the Huntsman should understand his situation now that he is here. During the banquet, the Count will surely abandon all pretense and get rid of the village's guardian, and then the entire village... The Count will never stop as long as the Tome exists. So the only question is: Why wait until the banquet? Perhaps, it's time to inform the church to start taking action.

[5 - It's Time to Leave...]

The Reservist is determined not to leave the Tome in the Count's hands. The Tome holds too many secrets, and secrets are the key to controlling the heart. Yes, she should have taken the Tome, or maybe... No, she must be able to put its power to real use. She opened her heart to it, and it whispered to her deepest secrets. If the Tome is unsealed by her hands, miracles would be more than just the fabled gospels, and she would no longer lose herself.

Reward: 188 Clues Clues.png

Recommended: Banquet Hall

Bloody Queen - Lady in the Mirror[edit | edit source]

[1 - Who Dares to Disturb the Lady in the Mirror?]

The Bloodline never used the mirror for introspection, therefore, the Lady in the Mirror has always been isolated from the ancient mirror world. During her spare time, the Lady in the Mirror would often observe village life through the ancient mirror. Through the broken mirror, she watched the villagers work in the same dry field everyday, eat at the same table, and even sleep at the same hour... and this was their world. Even then, it was better than living in a stagnated old castle. The Lady in the Mirror was disgusted by the ordinariness and hopelessness of her surroundings, and began to dream of a different life.

[2 - A Strange Figure in the Ancient Mirror.]

Have the once mighty Bloodline fallen so far as to allow their prey to sit on an equal footing? Look at these uneducated people! Self-proclaimed "guests" are devoid of manners, behaving like fools in front of the Lady's Mirror. The sight of those ugly and shabby reflections in the mirror was the last straw. What's even more ridiculous was that the arrogant Count stood by and did nothing, and instead, was trying his best and seek their approval with a banquet. It appears the fears of his clan were not unfounded.

[3 - Each Banquet Guest Carries An Ulterior Motive.]

Uncovering secrets is the Lady in the Mirror's favourite pastime. When the Lady in the Mirror overheard the argument between the Reservist and the Huntsman, she also discovered the church's plan. It seems that if the Count continues in his naive illusions, the Tome and the castle would soon receive new masters. But the Lady in the Mirror never belonged to the castle. She didn't even belong to herself. The mirror world was her all, but it was also her prison. So, wherever the drama goes, she'll always find an opportunity to cause havoc.

[4 - There are Always Unwelcomed Guests at a Banquet.]

What a sly old man! He noticed the change in the Lady in the Mirror and graciously invited her to the banquet. In fact, he only wanted to subdue her. But the once eccentric and surly Count was now letting her come and go as she pleased. The Lady in the Mirror felt more and more confused by the master of the castle: In order to protect his Bloodline, he has given up his freedom. Now he's even hiding his fangs and wings, giving up his identity for this meaningless banquet. How foolish was the Count, and yet, how envious she was! What he had given up was the freedom and power that she had longed for but could not attain in her mirror world.

[5 - New Opportunities Arisen in Chaos.]

The Reservist has gone off the beaten path and is even targeting the Lady in the Mirror.

Perhaps she never understood the real purpose of the Lady's existence in the castle. The mirror world is interconnected, and the eyes that look into it are also being watched by others. A request made in front of the mirror can always be heard by someone with an ulterior motive.

But, there's no harm in making the situation a bit more interesting. However, what is about to happen at the banquet will definitely not stay buried.

Reward: [Accessory] Bloody Queen - Parasol

Recommended: Castle Chamber

Mad Eyes - Castle Butler[edit | edit source]

[1 - A Butler's Duty is to Serve.]

However, serving does not mean ultimate obedience.

When the Butler was awakened, he could detect weariness in the Count's tone. The master had lost his charm during his long solitary watch. Had it not been for this, he would not have consented to the whimsical idea of a banquet. After all, there are plenty who want to covet this castle.

What's more - Why does the noble Bloodline have to entertain its prey?

[2 - Sumptuous Food is Essential for a Banquet.]

Out from the Tome's influence, the bloodthirsty Count had long since fallen out of love with mortal blood. The Butler is still driven by his hunger and thirst, but in keeping with his master's habits, he also abandoned inferior products filled with blood lipids and other diseases.

Instead, it's a sweet, mellow red wine, the new favourite at the banquets. It's a pity that his old fangs may never be used again.

As for the guests... Before the Butler fell asleep, the pantry should have been well-stocked..

[3 - Unanswered Invitations.]

It's all been for nothing! The villagers were truly an ungrateful bunch. Those worms were only fit to squirm in their holes, and if they enter a house, they'll turn into moths!

It's natural for worms to fear the Count. if anyone can overcome the fear spanning back thousands of years, he must be driven by an ulterior motive.

But a Butler can never fail his master, even if it means taking special measures to "invite" the guests.

[4 - Guests are Arriving, and the Banquet is About to Begin.]

The Butler of the castle was not in the habit of bowing and scraping to outsiders. However, his elaborately decorated hall is far form the castle's usual dark and gloomy state.

The traditional old man believed that mastering fear is far greater than being feared. But if... there was no fear in the eyes of these outsiders, what else could it be?

Watching the guests' uneasiness, each assailed by their own thoughts, the Butler realized that this banquet was going to be even more unpredictable than the most difficult hunt ever.

[5 - An Intruder in the Secret Chamber!]

Just when the Count was about to make his entrance to the banquet, someone attacked the Butler. Taking advantage of the Butler's dizzy state, the attacker stole the key to the secret chamber!

When the walls of fear crumble, the malice that comes out of the cage will spread unchecked. The prey will use it as a trap,

and the enemy will regard this as a battlefield.

The Butler finally realized that the banquet did not actually require fine wine and food, but mutual acceptance and honesty - and that is what the Count really wants.

Reward: [Costume] Mad Eyes - Castle Butler

Recommended: Castle Chamber

The Seer - Experienced Huntsman[edit | edit source]

[1 - Upon Receiving the Invitation, the Villagers Were Gripped with Fear.]

The villagers were both afraid to answer the invitation and unwilling to flee their farms, so a scapegoat was chosen to represent them at the castle.

The Huntsman stood on the mountainside, watching the villagers trembling while knocking on his door, yet remaining undisturbed. He knew that ultimately, everyone would choose him, not because of his power, but because of his loneliness.

With the cry of the falcon, he stepped through the gates of the castle.

[2 - Before the Banquet, the Huntsman Meets the Reservist in the Village.]

The Huntsman knows that the Reservist is the eyes of the church. The church was secretly controlling the village, restricting the villagers' movements and feeding them as food for the Count. He even heard rumours from travelers that the travelers that the village had become a source of infection for the Bloodline.

The Huntsman tried to persuade the villagers to find a way out, but his efforts were repaid with disdain and isolation. The timid and ignorant villagers have long been abandoned by the church, and he was seen as an outcast by the village.

[3 - In Order to Protect, One Must First Destroy?]

The Reservist proposed to disrupt the banquet with the Huntsman. When the Huntsman questioned her reasons, she avoided answering and instead insisted that there must be a plot underfoot at the Count's banquet. The Huntsman had witnessed the demeanor and sincerity of the castle master, and even through the War Falcon's Feral Instincts, he could not detect an ounce of hostility. Eventually, what started out as fear of rumours turned into trepidation.

Perhaps the real source of conflict was not the good or evil between races, but the prejudices against each other. Eliminating prejudice can never be achieved with destruction.

[4 - The Last Guest, and the Worst Nightmare.]

The Reservist was right. The banquet has brought danger to the village, but the threat came from the church! Church reinforcements arrived at the castle threatening to destroy the entire village in order to coerce the Huntsman into fighting the Count.

The Huntsman has absolutely no interest in the powers of the mysterious Tome or the plots of the Bloodline. But, letting down the villagers was the hardest thing to accept as an outcast.

After a lifetime's journey, the War Falcon's eyes had become dull, and even the most experience Huntsman has found it difficult to distinguish friend from foe.

[5 - Guest Etiquette is to Respect the Master's Wishes.]

The moment the church's reinforcements confronted the Count, the Huntsman made his choice - and his War Falcon deflected the deadly silver bullet.

Between the Count, the church, and the village, he chose his won path;

without hurting anyone and without abandoning hope.

The one who can best understand loneliness is another lonely soul. Someone will always bridge the gap and take a brave step forward.

Reward: [Costume] Seer - Experienced Huntsman

Recommended: Castle Gallery

The Coordinator - Nidhogg[edit | edit source]

[1 - A New Directive Means Abandoning the Previous Goal.]Let the unclean bride live a few more days in repentance. The once bloodthirsty Count had unusual actions, and the church could not ignore the fact.

Surrounded by the village, the old castle seemed calm, but it was always at the center of events. The originally devout Reservist did not understand what she was getting herself into. Not only was the message not delivered through normal means, she even delivered it in an unorthodox manner through the mirror.

It seems that it has become a pressing situation.

[2 - The Lion, the Lamb, and the Shotgun.]

What a joke. Is the lamb now eating at the same table as the lion?In the face of the absent-minded Reservist and the confused Huntsman, the Executor believed that the corruption of the mind by the Bloodline no longer required physical transformation. In order to avoid further contamination, she must destroy the banquet and erase all evidence. The scandal of the Reservist and the rumours of the village will be completely buried.

Cowards will choose to cower and compromise, but she never will.

[3 - Deadly Shooters Only Need One Lucky Break.]

The duel had yet to begin, and the Reservist had already confronted the Butler. The Executor paid no attention to it. No matter the disruption of the banquet or the theft of the Tome, either was enough to bring forth the Count's fury.

That was the best chance!

She would send the silver bullet into the cold heart that had stopped beating - If it weren't for that damned Huntsman, everything would be over by now.

[4 - An Unexpected Ending...?]

A silver bullet blessed with the holy water's faith was more than enough to penetrate the Bloodline's body. But it was deflected by the Falcon's feathers and struck the Tome hidden by the Reservist!

The words of the Tome poured forth from its pages with the obsessions of everyone's hearts. Everyone was shocked by the frenzy of emotions, leaving the mind blank and scattering thoughts...

After that, no one could tell how the banquet would end.

[5 - The End of the Castle Banquet.]

The true power of the Tome lied in understanding the reason for obsession and eliminating the,. This precious book was used to unite the Bloodline, but it could also serve as a gospel for the church.

However, on that night, the Tome did not become a tool for either side, but allowed a banquet to return to its original purity.

In that moment, everyone forgot their identities and put down their prejudices,

not caring why they were there or where anyone else had come from. It was time to simply let go and enjoy a Halloween banquet in the mysterious castle.

No one noticed after the banquet that the Tome and the Count had both disappeared.

Reward: 40 Spyglasses

Recommended: Castle Gallery

Event Store[edit | edit source]

Item !Cost
[Costume] Enchantress - Reservist 500 Spy Glasses
Survivor Pet - Ratatosk 80 Spy Glasses
B note 15 Spy Glasses
[Costume] Bloody Queen - Lady in the Mirror 100 Spy Glasses
[Accessories] Photographer - Snowman 80 Spy Glasses
[Accessories] Survivor - Joker Windmill 80 Spy Glasses
[Costume] Photographer - Macbeth 100 Spy Glasses
[Costume] Priestess - Starry Night 100 Spy Glasses
[Costume] The Ripper - Sunflower 100 Spy Glasses
[Emote] Priestess - Provoke 50 Spy Glasses
[Emote] Forward - Provoke 50 Spy Glasses
[Emote] Geisha - Dance 100 Spy Glasses
[Emote] Wu Chang - Salute 100 Spy Glasses

Blackjack Battle Event[edit | edit source]

Blackjack is now available. Select your Double Identity to begin a fast-paced and exciting battle! We have prepared Mini Events for you, so complete them to obtain Rewards. Completing the final quest will also reward players with The Ripper's B Costume - BlackJack.

This Event will be available for a long period.

Blackjack Battle Quest 1

  • Complete 1 Blackjack battle to obtain rewards
Reward: 20 Clues Clues.png

Blackjack Battle Quest 2

  • Complete 5 Blackjack battles to obtain rewards
Reward: 100 Clues Clues.png

Blackjack Battle Quest 3

  • Win 1 Blackjack battle to obtain rewards
Reward: 100 Clues Clues.png

Blackjack Battle Quest 4

  • Win 5 Blackjack battle to obtain rewards
Reward: [Costume] The Ripper - BlackJack

Returning Player Event[edit | edit source]

Lost Memories[edit | edit source]

Cumulative Login[edit | edit source]

Day Reward
1 [Temporary Identity] Select one of four Temporary Identities for the Returning Player event (7d)
2 S1 Memory Sphere A
3 S1 Memory Sphere B
4 Memory Sphere Season 2
5 Memory Sphere Season 3
6 Memory Sphere Season 4
7 [Permanent Identity] Choose one of four Permanent Identities for the Returning Player event
[Temporary Costume] General A Costume (3d)

New Deductions[edit | edit source]

Presents 2 survivors and 2 hunters and how to play them.

Deduction Verification[edit | edit source]

Provides tasks relating to the survivors and hunters presented in New Deductions, which grant the player rewards upon completion.

New Additions In-Store[edit | edit source]

Shows the latest items added to the store

Previous Events[edit | edit source]

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