Endless Growth

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Endless Growth
Character: Axe Boy

Endless Growth is an external trait in Identity V Identity v.png. It is unique to Axe Boy.

Description[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of each match, several Peaceful Pine seedlings will grow in the area, and a maximum of 6 Peaceful Pines can be present in one match.

Survivors can destroy mature Peaceful Pines to banish the corresponding Corrupt Area and Resentful Souls and either obtain a 30s window where Resentful Souls won't be able to approach them, or dispel all Resentful Souls on them.

However, destroying a Peaceful Pine will provide with an indication of the Survivor's location. Destroyed Peaceful Pines will leave a branch for Robbie. Robbie can also obtain a branch from a matured Peaceful Pine in order to plant a new Peaceful Pine.