Emma Woods

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Emma Woods
Emma Woods Portrait.png
Alt. Names: Lisa Beck
Gender: Female
Career: Gardener
Prop: Toolkit
Clues: N/A (available to the player after finishing the prologue)
Echoes: N/A (available to the player after finishing the prologue)
Voice Actor: (Chinese) Li Dongting

Emma Woods, Lisa Beck[1], or the Gardener, is one of 29 Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png currently featured in Identity V.


Emma is able to dismantle Rocket Chairs (aside from the basement chairs) onsite with her personal trait, Ingenuity Ingenuity.png. However, deconstructing rocket chairs will alert the hunter to the destroyed chair.


“The underlying truth about the manor will be revealed by me!” —Emma

“I used to ride on my father’s shoulders to see the world. But I did not know what did he sacrifice in order to provide me such a great view.” —Emma


Emma Woods.png

Emma Woods was born as Lisa Beck to a factory owner around 1887. Her father made her small toys and treated her well. However, her father was severely in-debt with the factory that he was tricked into buying by the Lawyer after he ran off with the factory owner’s (Leo Beck) wife. He burned himself in the fire after sending Lisa to an orphanage, where she stayed for five years.

The orphanage resulted in children suffering from psychological trauma and various disorders, so Lisa was sent away to a clinic. At the clinic, she was operated on by Dr. Lydia Jones who also used electroconvulsive therapy on her. After this, Lisa fled and changed her name to Emma Woods.

At the manor, Emma meets Emily Dyer (formerly Lydia Jones) and Kreacher Pierson. Kreacher acts very predatory towards her and slaps her when she rejects him. She is saved from Kreacher’s advances multiple times by Emily. She is very close with Emily, and calls her “my angel”. Emma was getting closer to her very quickly. She also shows an attachment to a scarecrow. She is diagnosed (by Emily herself) to have a combination of unhealthy obsessions with objects, hypochondria, and possibly Dissociative Identity Disorder[2]


The simple yet lonely gardener lost her father at an early age. It would appear that she did not come here for the money. Money, it seems, is not the only thing on offer here.

Caught up in this strange game, what befell the gardener? More worthy of thought is where have all these participants gone? Why is this happening?

External Traits

External Traits
Icon Name Description
External Trait - Ingenuity.png

Carries around a toolkit that is used to destroy Rocket Chairs. Hunters are able to repair destroyed Rocket Chairs. The toolkit has a 12 seconds cooldown after each use.


Due to the Gardener's basic repair skills, Toolkits are not depleted when used.


With the memories of the past, the Gardener is able to block one incoming damage during the first 50 seconds of the game. This effect will be lost when attacked by the Hunter or when the duration ends.

External Trait - Confidence.png

Due to her familiarity with the structure of Rocket Chairs, Gardener is less scared and is able to locate Rocket Chairs nearby. When she's near the Rocket Chair, her Vaulting Speed is increased by 10% and Rocket Chair's Takeoff Speed is decreased by 10%. Gardener will also leave Rocket Chairs with irrepairable damage when destroying them so that their Takeoff Speed is decreased by 10%.

External Trait - Veterans.png

Veterans are more vigilant than novices and gain an additional 2s boost when hit.

Deduction Target

All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic Points Logic points.png for the Logic Path Logic path.png

  1. Happy Life
    Your companionship gives me hope.
    • Basic Objective: Escape through the exit gate
    • Advanced Objective 1: Escape through the exit gate
    • Advanced Objective 2: Escape through the exit gate
    Photo: A short-haired, middle-aged man in yellow overalls standing in the center of the frame. The lower left corner reads, "Father."[3]
  2. New Friend
    Who will I meet here?
    • Basic Objective: Encounter 1 teammate
    • Advanced Objective 1: Encounter 2 teammates
    • Advanced Objective 2: Encounter 3 teammates
    Little Girl Diary 1: Dad's new friend is a young gentleman with a suit and shiny hair. He is very friendly and always brings flowers.
  3. Impending Doom
    Don't let those people near me!
    • Basic Objective: Escape from the hunter 1 time(s)
    • Advanced Objective 1: Escape from the hunter 3 time(s)
    • Advanced Objective 2: Escape from the hunter 5 time(s)
    Happiness is fleeting. No matter how hard you strive, the next misfortune is always right around the corner.
  4. Secret Departure
    Leave before they notice and maybe then you can avoid heartbreak.
    • Basic Objective: Heal 1 teammate
    • Advanced Objective 1: Heal 2 teammates
    • Advanced Objective 2: Heal 3 teammates
    Little Girl's Diary 3: Mother is gone. I didn't fall sleep that night. The last word she uttered before she left was, "sorry."
  5. Cooperation
    Perhaps disputes are unavoidable when we work with others.
    • Basic Objective: 50% co-op decoding progress
    • Advanced Objective 1: 70% co-op decoding progress
    • Advanced Objective 2: 100% co-op decoding progress
    Little Girl's Diary 2: Father and mother quarreled. Mother said that father’s clothes were always dirty. Father didn't say anything.[4]
  6. Curiosity
    I want to know what's inside!
    • Basic Objective: Open 1 chest
    • Advanced Objective 1: Open 2 chests
    • Advanced Objective 2: Open 3 chests
    All junk. At least this stuff is somewhat usable. I mean, we should turn waste into wealth.
  7. Maintenance
    Seems like these cipher machines can still be used. Perhaps I should restore them.
    • Basic Objective: 100% decoding progress
    • Advanced Objective 1: 200% decoding progress
    • Advanced Objective 2: 300% decoding progress
    I know how to open that gate.
  8. Escape
    He sent me away before disaster struck. And now it's just me here.
    • Basic Objective: Escape from the hunter 2 time(s)
    • Advanced Objective 1: Escape from the hunter 4 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Escape from the hunter 6 times
    Photo: An eight- or nine-year-old girl stands at the door of an orphanage. The lower right corner reads: "My beloved Lisa"
  9. Destroy
    If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that you'd better nip a problem in the bud before it gets out.
    • Basic Objective: Dismantle 2 rocket chairs
    • Advanced Objective 1: Dismantle 4 rocket chairs
    • Advanced Objective 2: Dismantle 6 rocket chairs
    Little Girl's Diary 4: Father drank too much and began selling things from home. Sometimes strangers would break into the house and take things. I don't know what has happened, but this feeling is awful.
  10. Redemption
    I often think, if only there was someone that had lent me a hand. Then maybe now I could help others?
    • Basic Objective: Rescue 1 teammates from rocket chairs
    • Advanced Objective 1: Rescue 2 teammates from rocket chairs
    • Advanced Objective 2: Rescue 3 teammates from rocket chairs
    Photo: A fourteen-year-old girl is bound to a chair receiving electroshock therapy. A female doctor is operating the device.
  11. Residual Image
    I never thought I would meet him like this. No, this can't be true!
    • Basic Objective: Stun the hunter with a pallet 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Stun the hunter with a pallet 2 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Stun the hunter with a pallet 3 times
    Photo: A building in flames. Its worn signboard reads, Minerva Armory.
  12. Pursuit and Escape
    The hunter and prey are liable to switch places, perhaps even completely out of the blue.
    • Basic Objective: Escape from the hunter 2 time(s)
    • Advanced Objective 1: Escape from the hunter 5 time(s)
    • Advanced Objective 2: Escape from the hunter 7 time(s)
    Lisa Beck's Invitation Letter: We sincerely invite you to join a special game. In the manor, you will meet a long-lost "friend". There is a flattened thistle flower between the pages of the letter.

After deducing Node 12: Pursuit and Escape, Gardener's Worn Clothes costume and Character Story will be unlocked.

Full Conclusion

There is Lisa and her father, a factory owner. There is a Lawyer, who visited often. Lisa begins to see less and less of her mother. Her mother and father would fight over the father's unclean appearance. Her mother is soon gone, and Lisa is left upset and confused. Her father is drinking more and more and sells things from their home. Many objects are removed from the home.

Later, Lisa is seen in an electrotherapy chair, being operated on by a Doctor.

Character Story

Gardener's Diary 1


Emma Woods

Entrance Hall

A cutscene plays, wherein the lawyer runs down the eastern stairwell and behind a table, stopping in front of a large statue of a woman.

  • Objective: Talk to the Lawyer
Lawyer: Calliope? It appears that the owner of this manor is a passionate connoisseur of art.

Optional Interactions
Interaction Object Location Response
Move in Proximity Main Doors South, 1F Gardener: This manor is like a prison. No one can leave before the game is over.
West of Main/Entry Doors Gardener: A toolkit? Looks like it was left by a repair person
View Door 1F, East Gardener: This door leads to the reception hall, but I don’t need to go there quite yet.
View Safe West Stairwell Gardener: Locked. Can’t open it. I wonder what’s inside.
Move in Proximity Door(s) 2F Gardener: This door leads to the second floor, but no one is found there during the day.
View Handrail Top of staircase Gardener: It looks like the handrail has completely cracked. Perhaps I should fix it when I have the time.
>Talk to the Lawyer
Gardener: Good day, Mr. Riley.
Lawyer: Good day.
Gardener: It may not be my place to say, but could you please stop saying those things to Mr. Pierson.
Lawyer: I was just reacting as I normally would to dirt and stupidity. Would you be happy to see a cockroach?
Gardener: But—
Lawyer: I know what you’re worried about and I’m also tired. But listen, this isn’t just my problem.
He should be in the dining room now. He seems to like you. Talk to him and ask him to stay away from me.
  • Objective: Find the Thief
>Go to the Dining Room [West Door, 1st floor]
Dining Room
Gardener: Mr. Pierson? Are you there?
(Strange, Mr. Riley said he was in the dining room.)
Optional Interactions
Interaction Object Location Response
View Grandfather Clock multiple situated about the room Gardener: The hands are frozen at 5:18. No one here knows how to repair clocks, unfortunately. It could be annoying not knowing the time.
Move in Proximity Window South side of the room Gardener: This manor is like a prison. No one can leave before the game is over.
View Statue West side of the room Gardener: The person who owns this manor seems to like art, but there are two strings missing from the harp in the statue’s hands.
View Western Double Doors West Stairwell Gardener: This door leads to the kitchen, but I don’t think anyone in here is interested in cooking.
Move in Proximity Door End of Western Hallway Gardener: This door leads to the garden, but I am usually the only one who goes there.
Move in proximity Laundry Room Left turn at Western Hallway Gardener: A fully functional laundry room, but I haven’t seen anyone do any housework here. Strange.
View Door North Hallway, North wall Gardener: This door is locked. I can’t open it.
View Door North Hallway, East wall Gardener: This door is locked. I can’t open it.
View Book Northern Hallway, on a sidetable Gardener: Gulliver’s Travels? I wonder who left it here?

>Room Introduction [On table] The screen zooms in on piece of paper with 4 room numbers accompanied by names in Chinese.

Gardener: The last guest is Emily Dyer.

The Doctor enters from Entrance Hall Door, and wipes her brow.

Doctor: Excuse me! Is anyone there?
>Talk to the Doctor
Gardener: Greetings!
My name is Emma Woods. I’m a gardener.
Doctor: Emily Dyer, I’m a doctor.
Gardener: Doctor? But—
Doctor: I know, my outfit. It often causes a bit of confusion.
But I am a doctor. I mean, technically.
Doctor: I’m sorry! I want to walk around for a bit. Excuse me.

The Doctor walks away, and the Thief runs up to the Gardener.
The Thief intermittently lets out sick-sounding coughs throughout the ensuing conversation, which cause him to hunch over as he has them.

Thief: Goo-good morning! Miss Woods!
Gardener: Where have you been?
Thief: I w-walked around f-for a while. Kr-Kreacher has i-i-invited you to th-the garden!
Gardener: I’m sorry, Mr. Pierson. I need to talk to you about Mr. Riley’s proposition first.
Thief: Y-you are refusing Kreacher’s invitation?!
Gardener: (He is getting quite creepy.)

The player can now pick between two choices:

>(Loudly) I don't want to go to the
>(Whisper) There is something more
>(Whisper) There is something more
Thief: W-what th-thing is m-more important th-than Kreacher?
You r-refused Kreacher!
Kreacher will let you know what is more important!
You ungrateful, filthy villain!

Kreacher punches the Gardener, and the screen fades to black.

>(Loudly) I don't want to go to the
Thief: !!!

The Doctor approaches from behind the Gardener.

Doctor: Excuse me. Miss Woods, do you know where my room is?
Gardener: Ah...I do!
Follow me! I'm sorry, Mr. Pierson. Excuse me for my absence.

The Thief goes to the garden while the Doctor follows the Gardener.

  • Objective: Lead the Doctor to 1F02
>Go to the Northern Hallway
Doctor: Who is that man?
Gardener: Kreacher Pierson. He looks gloomy, but he's one of the good guys.
Doctor: Good? If I didn't just show up, do you think he would still be "good?"
Gardener: Mr. Pierson wants to build an orphanage. He's a good guy.
Doctor: He looks nothing like a "good guy." Keep going, Miss Woods.
>Go to the West Door [Northern Hallway]
Gardener: Your room. The key is in the invitation letter.
Doctor: Thank you for your help, Miss Woods.
When you pass by the dining room, perhaps you could check the statue in the dining room.
Also, don't get too close to that "good guy."
Gardener: Be wary of Mr. Pierson? Why?
Doctor: I think that he has some special "hobbies." But of course, if it tickles your fancy, then disregard my word of warning.

The Doctor heads into her room.

  • Objective: Inspect the statue
>View [Statue in Dining Room]
Gardener: Ad rawer with no handle or keyhole? Obviously, I can't open it now.
I think my time is better devoted to resolving the issues at hand. Like those two bickering, for instance.
Mr. Pierson just walked toward the garden. I should be able to catch up to him if I hurry.
  • Objective: Go to the garden and find the Thief
>Go to the Garden [West Hall]

The Gardener enters the garden.

Gardener: Mr. Pierson? Are you there?
(Could it be that he is angry and hiding in the bushes?)
Optional Interactions
Interaction Object Location Response
View Frog Statue In front of entrance Gardener: It looks like something was placed under this toad's foot.
View First Bush To the east of the garden Gardener: TBA
View Second Bush To the east of the garden, next to the first bush Gardener: Just some ordinary bushes.
View Third Bush To the east of the entrance Gardener: There's nothing here.
Talk Scarecrow To the west of the garden Gardener: Hi! Mr. Scarecrow!

It looks like he doesn't want to talk. Or maybe he can't.

>View [Fourth Bush]

Gardener Could I have made a mistake? He didn't come to the garden?
If I am unable to resolve this issue, then tonight——*sigh*. The frequency of these arguments is starting to give me a headache.
Can anyone solve this problem? Anyone at all.

The Gardener turns to face the scarecrow.

Skaer Klau: Hey!
Gardener: Is anyone there?
Skaer Klau: Over here.
Gardener: Huh?
I've seen you before.
You...you can speak?
Skaer Klau: Call me Skaer Klau.
Tell me, my dear...
What's troubling you?
Gardener: It's no use.
Skaer Klau: Why not tell me? Maybe I can help.
Gardener: Well, is there any way you can stop Mr. Riley from seeing Mr. Pierson?
Skaer Klau: Of course, my dear.
Your wish is my command.

Gardener's Diary 2


Emma Woods

Entrance Hall

Emma is standing to the east of the entrance hall.

Gardener: Today is the day I'm supposed to meet with Mr. Skelkro in secret. But before I go to the garden, I'm going to check that handrail.
I'm going to get that toolkit. No one is going to use it except for me anyway.
  • Objective: Get the toolkit
Optional Interactions
Interaction Object Location Response
Move in Proximity Door All doors on 2F Gardener: No time to wander around. Mr. Skelkro is waiting in the garden.
Pick up Toolkit
  • Objective: Inspect the broken handrail
>Inspect [2F]

Emma feels the handrail.

Gardener: The wood has completely rotted. There is no quick fix for this problem.
Just like father used to say. "You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette."
But I don't have time to replace all the rotten wood. Mr Skelkro is still waiting in the garden and I don't want to make him angry.
  • Objective: Avoid others and go to the garden
>Go to the Dining Room [West Door, 1F]
Dining Room

Upon entering the room, Mr. Pierson is on the other side of the table and moves to the right of the dining room.

Gardener: Why is he in the dining room?
It's best that I'm not seen by Mr. Pierson when I'm alone.
I need a way to stay out of sight.
Thief: Why is she still not here?
Optional Interactions
Interaction Object Location Response
Move in proximity Thief To the right of the dining room Thief: Why are you avoiding me? Again and again. You have all betrayed me!

You have been discovered.

Overturn 2nd chair Left side of the dining table Topples chair over
Move in proximity Doctor West hall Doctor: Miss Woods? What are you doing here?

You have been discovered.

>Overturn [Chair]

Emma must move around the dining table to avoid Mr. Pierson. After exiting the dining room, Emily approaches from the west hall.

Doctor: Strange. Where is Miss Woods?

If Emma takes too long, the following events will occur.

Doctor: Should I go to the garden or the entrance hall?
The garden.
Gardener: Emily went to the garden. Mr. Skelkro will surely be mad.
I should have been faster. It's all my fault.

Emma can avoid Emily by using the various closets or hiding behind the panels.

>Go to the Garden [West hall]
Gardener: Late.
I better go and apologize to Mr. Skelkro.
I hope he's not upset with me.

  • Objective: Meet with Mr. Skelkro
Optional Interactions
Interaction Object Location Response
View Frog Statue In front of entrance Gardener: Strange. Was that on the statue before?
View Bush Right of the entrance Gardener: It looks like someone has been taking care of the bushes. Not me, obviously.

Emma moves in proximity to Mr. Skelkro.

  • Objective: Talk with Mr. Skelkro
Gardener: I'm late. I'm sorry to have made you wait so long.
Why aren't you answering me? Is it because I was late?
There was something that needed to be done. I hope you can understand.
I've been thinking of you. If it was possible, I would want nothing more than to watch you here all day.

Emma hugs the scarecrow, and Emily approaches from behind her.

Doctor: Sorry for bothering you.
Perhaps you can introduce me to this man?
You seem as though you are good friends.

Gardener's Diary 3


Emma Woods

Gardener: Breakfast finished not too long ago. Emily should still be in her room.
Go to 1F02 and talk with her about Mr. Skelkro again.
  • Objective: Talk to the Doctor in 1F02

The Thief closes the Garden door, and runs up to the Gardener.

Thief: G-good morning, Miss Woods!
Gardener: Good morning, Mr. Pierson.
I’m sorry. I need to talk to Emily. Could you let me pass?
Thief: Are you refusing Kreacher?

[cutscene] [audio, no subtitles]

Thief: Rejected… Again? [cracking knuckles] You stupid ungrateful girl… [punches towards the Gardener, the Gardener dodges and runs away] You will regret this.

[cutscene end]

Gardener: He looks crazy.
What happened? It’s as if he has lost his mind.
I must find a way out of here.
  • Objective: Escape from the dining room

>Go to the Garden

Gardener: Damn, the door is locked.

[Walk near 1F02]

Gardener: I can’t get Emily involved.

>View Door [far end north corridor]

Gardener: Damn, the door is locked.

>View Door [north corridor east wall]

Gardener: It looks I can only use one of the doors.
I can only go to the entrance hall.

[Camera moves to Thief]

Gardener: That brute!
Damn, why hasn’t he come?
He knows! He knows.
Apart from the door that he is guarding, I have no other way out.
I need to find a way to get him away from the door.

If you enter the Thief's line of sight, the following will happen:

Thief: Aha! I see you, sweetheart.
We are meant to be together!

Diary reconstruction failed!

>Interact with Vase

Thief: You should behave yourself!
Thief: Come here and let Kreacher teach you how to be a lady.

[Hide in closet, wait for him to look elsewhere, run past]

Thief: Kreacher is waiting for you!

>Go to the Entrance Hall

[audio, with subtitles]
Thief and Gardener are running through the entrance hall door, Thief chasing whilst the Gardener attempts to escape him.

Gardener: Mr Pierson! No!
What are you doing?! No!

Thief shakes Gardener by the shoulders.

Thief: What am I doing?
I’m trying… to be nice!

Gardener shoves Thief away.

Gardener: No!
Thief: Miss Woods… Look at me!
At least I’m a man!

Gardener whimpers and takes a step back.

Thief: I see.
You will regret this.

Thief walks up west staircase.

Gardener's Diary 4


Emma Woods

Gardener: Darling, You’re much heavier than you look.
I can’t imagine what you’ll look like in 10 years.
[muffled screams]
Don’t worry! I won’t leave you. I’ll keep you in my suitcase and take good care of you.
As for my angel, Emily, we will share the fruits of my labor and never be apart.
Gardener: I need to think of a way to split them up
That lawyer is a serious danger to her.

Camera zooms on Hell Ember.
[end cutscene]

Gardener: The hunter! I can’t let him find me.
Darling, you’d better keep quiet.
  • Objective: Bring the luggage
  • Find the Doctor in the abandoned factory

If the player is caught by Hell Ember:

It’s him…

Objective complete: Bring luggage

  • Objective: Search the grounds

[Enter basement]

Gardener: Prison-like basement. Creepy.

[Move in proximity of rocket chair]

Gardener: I don't want to know what that is.

>View [Syringe] [Outside window of arms factory]

Gardener: This is Emily’s syringe.
The syringe is missing. That’s not a good sign.
She and Freddy Riley went into this factory. But where are they now?
I need to make some noise and draw the lawyer out.
I have no other choice.
  • Objective: Bring the luggage
  • Return to the exit and light the signal

>View Green boxes in crate

Gardener: Minerva Arms Factory.
That was a horrible joke.

>View Graffitti [I WILL FIND YOU]

Restored everything but he still left his mark.
What’s your plan?
Dear Host…

[Reach objective]

Gardener: I have no other choice.
Sorry, darling. Your time is up.
Helping me makes you happy, right? My little angel.
After all, in a sense, you’re also a part of me, aren’t you?


Sorry darlings. Perhaps what I really need… Is neither of you.
I hope you can see the pyre, Emily.
I’ll be here, waiting for you. Don’t disappoint me.

[end cutscene]

Upon completing this diary, you will receive the Gardener's Costume, Dark Side.

Appearance Decoration

Icon Name Series Description Cost
EW Original.png
Original Already Equipped The original costume. Everything looks so natural. N/A
EW Worn Clothes.png
Worn Clothes Complete Character Deduction quest 12 Pursuit and Escape to get All the clothes are super tattered. Was it only a game they have been through? N/A
EW Dark Side.png
Dark Side Complete Character Story: Gardener's Diary-4 This is one side that has never been shown before, it represents the irreversible past. N/A
Ghost Girl Gardener.png
Ghost Girl Glowing Wisp

A moonlight night reminds one of the reunion across the shore.

Surrounded by walls in a cold night - where days felt like years in the hospital, she imagined herself leaving her painful body and walking freely under the moonlight. Where is the happy girl who was once spoiled by her father like a little princess? 2888 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 12888 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
Boudoir Dream Costume.png
Boudoir Dream Deduction Star Costume Time is the best filter for dreams, at least before they come true. 1388 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 4888 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
Pirate Shipwright Call of the Abyss I N/A
Spring Demon Costume.png
Spring Demon Memory Sphere Season 3 Beauty can be weaponized, after all not everyone remembers that roses won't bloom in ice. N/A
Haru Okumura Persona 5 Crossover 2 Shujin High School Junior - Haru Okumura's Private Clothes N/A
NOIR Persona 5 Crossover 2 A gift from NOIR. N/A
EW Flower Girl.png
Flower Girl N/A The flower girl clutches the flowers in her hands and doesn't know who to give them to. 318 Echoes Echoes-2020.png
EW Florist.png
Florist S1 Memory Sphere B The flowers she carefully grooms aren't for sale. They are intended for the one who is fated to have them. N/A
EW Toiling Maid.png
Toiling Maid N/A Stop your daydreaming and prepare the food and drink. 318 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 1188 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
EW Grail Maid.png
Grail Maid Memory Sphere Season 2 I look forward to seeking the truth of the grail and a marvelous adventure. N/A
Nature Lover Costume.png
Nature Lover N/A The sun falls, the moon and stars rise, but the Forest of No Return remains unchanged. 318 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 1188 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
Herbalist Costume.png
Herbalist Memory Sphere Season 3 Life in the Forest of No Return isn't all that pleasing, but where can she go? N/A
EW Cowgirl.png
Cowgirl N/A This is a skilled gardener? More like a cowgirl from the Wild West! N/A
EW Darjeeling.png
Darjeeling Memory Sphere Season 9 At times we need to add some spicy annotation to such a mild name. N/A
Commander Gardener.png
Commander S12 Essence 1 Question 2. Is the definition of "Prey" decided by the Hunter? N/A
EW Peach Pink.png
Peach Pink S1 Memory Sphere B Peach blossoms, myrtles, sakura petals... 108 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 438 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
EW Strawberry.png
Strawberry S1 Memory Sphere B White sesame, red berries, sweet juice... N/A
EW Autumn.png
Autumn Logic Path reached 308


Rapeseed flowers, ginkgo leaves, pot marigold... N/A
Violet Gardener.png
Violet S12 Essence 3 Violets, hyacinths, lavender... N/A
Icon Name Series Description Cost
Pirate Flag Accessory.png
Pirate Flag Abyss Treasure Haha, the pirate flag should be planted at the highest point of captured land!

Special effect:

Rocket Chair Destruction

Mini Hammer.png
Mini Hammer Memory Sphere Season 2 Destroys devices quickly.
Special effect:

A special effect that destroys rocket chairs

788 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 2988 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
Spirit Lantern Accessory.png
Spirit Lantern N/A The company of the children reminded the girl of her father's care.

Special Effects:

Added Special Effects when dismantling Rocket Chairs.

1068 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 3888 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
Fake Holy Grail.png
Fake Holy Grail Memory Sphere Season 2 On their quest to find the holy grail they found countless counterfeits, and there is one which the Grail Maid is especially fond of. N/A
NOIR's Axe.png
NOIR's Axe Persona 5 Crossover 2 A magnificently decorated axe. N/A
Gardening Handbook Gardener.png
Gardening Handbook Memory Sphere Season 10 Gardener has put down everything she knows here, together with quite a few of her own secrets. 258 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 968 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
Gardener Garland.png
Jasmine Garland Songkran Festival Event I wish good health and fortune upon thee. N/A
Icon Type Name Series Description
Gardener Cartoon.png
Graffiti Gardener - Cartoon Rank Treasure Gardener's exclusive Graffiti, Cartoon
Gardener Customization.png
Graffiti Gardener - Customization N/A Special Gardener Graffiti. The graffiti demonstrates the personality of the character.
Deduction Star Gardener.png
Graffiti Gardener - Deduction Star Gardener's Exclusive Graffiti, Deduction Star 2018
Gardener Toolbox Cartoon.png
Graffiti Gardener toolbox - Cartoon Gardener exclusive Graffiti - Cartoon
Gardener Silhouette.png
Graffiti Gardener - Silhouette S1 Memory Sphere B Gardener's exclusive Graffiti, Silhouette
Toolkit Colored.png
Graffiti Toolkit - Colored S1 Memory Sphere B Toolkit Graffiti, Colored
EW Battle of the Prayer Event.png
Graffiti Event - Gardener Exclusive Battle of Prayer Event Event Graffiti: Gardener
Gardener Gray Shadow.png
Graffiti Gardener - Gray Shadow Gardener's exclusive Graffiti, Gray Shadow
Emote Agree Already Equipped A motion that means agreement.
Emote Hush Already Equipped A motion that means hush.
Emote Advance Season 1 Essence 4 A motion that means advance.
Emote Confused Rank Treasure A motion that means confusion.
Hurry back.png
Emote Hurry Back S1 Memory Sphere B A motion that asks teammates to hurry back.
Emote Provoke Rank Treasure She giggles behind her hands the motions a playful "come closer".
Lie Down.png
Emote Lie Down N/A She makes a snow angel.
Emote Shout N/A A shout motion, exclusive to Gardener.
Emote Shame Shame Motion, exclusive to Gardener
Emote Mourn Memory Sphere Season 3 Mourn Motion, exclusive to Gardener
Emote Dance Memory Sphere Season 4 Dance Motion, exclusive to Gardener
Emote Reflect Reflect, Gardener's Exclusive Emote
Survivor Dice.png
Emote Rolls 4-Sided Dice 4-sided Dice Enthusiast Rolls 4-Sided Dice Motion, exclusive to Gardener
Standby Motion
Icon Name Series Description
Default Already Equipped Female survivor's default motion in matching room
Ready Rank Treasure Gardener's motion in matching room, Ready
Wait Rank Treasure Gardener's motion in matching room, Wait
Snooze standby.png
Snooze S1 Memory Sphere B Gardener's motion in matching room, Snooze
Stand S1 Memory Sphere B Gardener's motion in matching room, Stand
Look Scattered around the corners of the manor. Explore now Gardener's motion in matching room, Look



  1. Now that the hunter can repair Rocket Chairs, do not bother taking down chairs at the start of the match as it attracts the hunter's attention. Instead, focus on decoding and take down chairs only when the hunter is trying to tie a survivor to a chair to waste the hunter's time. Be careful of the terror shock.


  • Her birthday is on the 21st of December.
  • Although not his birthday, Leo Beck (now known as the hunter Hell Ember) considers this as the most important day in his life, hence his Character Day.
  • She likes Atlantic Canaries.
  • She is interested and skilled in gardening, repairing, and handicrafts.
  • She dislikes mice and foxes
  • Her mother's name is Martha Beck, née Remington.
  • She was not released with the base game, but rather, added long after the Beta. She has her own trailer, like most characters who were added after the beta. Most people think she WAS added to the base game because she is in the main roster and has the External Trait Veterans.


  1. Revealed after completing Node 12 of the Gardener's Deduction Target
  2. Doctor's Diary 2
  3. Screenshot
  4. Screenshot

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