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Emily Dyer, the doctor is one of the 24 survivors currently featuring in the game Identity V.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Emily's main abilities are: Healing herself, and heal others faster then the rest of the survivors by 60%, she is slower in flipping through the window by 15%, and whenever she is hit by a hunter, she speeds up lasting 2 seconds.

Background[edit | edit source]

Before coming to the manor, Emily opened a clinic. The clinic was not successful, everyone who entered did not come out. Just before Emily was about to go bankrupt, she had an idea to open a clinic only for noble women. She started earning money, but then the noble women started doubting her medical skills and Emily was in the danger of falling into bankrupt. So she accepted a request to do illegal electrotherapy, before that, she killed Lisa Beck's(Gardener) mother in a surgical accident. And the girl she is doing electrotherapy for is coincidently the young Lisa Beck, so many people think the doctor is bad. But she entered the manor because she heard that the gardener is there and wanted to help her to make up for the things she's done. And that is why she has the two Angel skins.