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Duo Hunters, or Pack Hunter, is one of 5 available game modes featured in Identity V Identity v.png. It can be found under the Violent Struggle category.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In this mode, a group of eight Survivors will play a game against two Hunters. Currently, only three Maps are playable: Lakeside Village, Moonlit River Park, and Eversleeping Town. Access to the full version of Eversleeping Town is available only to this mode.

This game mode is available only for a short period of times:

06h - 08h (server time)

16h - 18h (server time)

21h - 23h (server time)

Introduction[edit | edit source]

  1. 2 vs 8: The two hunters cannot choose the same character. You can invite a friend to team up and match as hunters; during the match the hunters can communicate using quick messages. Accessories are not allowed, standby motions cannot be switched in the matching room, and pets won't be displayed in the matching room.
  2. The default map is Lakeside Village or Moon River Park. Players will gain points depending on their in-game performance. There are 5 new telephone booths on the map that survivors and hunters can use to contact the owner of the manor to buy items with points they have acquired. Items include those from the traditional game mode (excluding Cane, Holy Key and Lasso) as well as those from the Duo Hunters mode.
  3. The first time a survivor is placed on a rocket chair, the match will enter the confinement stage, in which the survivor cannot be rescued from the rocket chair. When the confinement stage ends, a short rescue stage begins in which the survivor can be rescued.
  4. There are 11 cipher machines, and the base time required to decode them has been increased. The survivors need to decode 7 cipher machines before they can open the exit gate.
  5. Survivors can carry two items while hunters can carry one.
  6. When the exit gate has been activated or when 4 survivors remain, the crowbar will randomly appear at one of the 5 telephone booths. Survivors can purchase the crowbar to open the dungeon in advance through which all survivors can escape.
  7. Hunters cannot knock down unharmed survivors with one hit when affected by Detainment, Terror Shock of Fallen Misfortune. The abnormal deduction of cipher machine progress is set to 30%.

Purchase Hotline[edit | edit source]

Items can be purchased using Points. There is a limit to how many of each item can be bought per match.

Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png[edit | edit source]

Survivors' Hotline
Icon Name Description Amount Cost
Attention Pill.png
Attention Pill Effect: Increases decoding speed by 50%. 1 4000
Lucky Pill.png
Lucky Pill Effect: Impervious to Terror Shock or Fallen Misfortune (the double that appears when using the Magic Wand double will still be affected) 1 4000
Anti-Bleeding Pill.png
Anti-Bleeding Pill Effects: Speed of healing yourself and teammates is increased by 50% and the speed of rescuing teammates is increased by 50% 1 4000
Speed Pill.png
Speed Pill Effect: Increases movement speed by 15%. 1 4000
Crowbar Use it to open the dungeon when it became visible despite having more than one survivors.   1 1000
Smoke Bottle.png
Smoke Bottle A crude bottle of smoke. Throw it to create a small area of thick smoke where it breaks. The smoke lasts for 20 seconds. 8 1000
Black Mud.png
Black Mud A can of black mud. Throw it in the hunter's face to obstruct its vision for 8 seconds. 8 1000
Flare gun.png
Flare Gun Shoot a signal flare when within a certain range of the hunter. It will stun the hunter for 4.5s. Single-use item. 2 3000
Decoy The Magician wields a wand to create an illusion of himself, and becomes invisible for several seconds. If the magician is struck when invisible, he will be Terror Shocked. The hunter attacking the illusion will be marked for several seconds. 2 2000
Rugby Ball The Forward carries the ball as if he is on the pitch. He can dash forward, but, as a penalty, he will be fatigued after his dash. 2 2500
Euphoria The Perfumer sprays perfume and is able to remember her condition and position at that very moment. While the skill is activated, she can choose to forget what has just happened and return to the moment when she sprayed her perfume. 2 2000
Travel Journals Allows you to shrink to half your normal size and thus be less likely to be discovered by the hunter. However, most actions aren't possible when shrunk. 2 1500
Elbow pads.png
Elbow Pads When running towards objects, he can quickly obtain a boost when he propels himself off them. The direction of the boost can be directed by you. 2 2500
Controller Controls a doll that has almost identical abilities as you, but can sustain less damage. The doll can continue to decode cipher machines when not controlled. 2 2000
Foresight Carries around a map that can be used to check the location of large buildings, undecoded cipher machines and escape exits. The map displays his and his teammate's location and will display the hunter's location when their outline appears. It's a hand drawn map, so it's far from perfect. Available time: 15s 4 1000
Flashlight Shine light on the hunters for 2.5s to blind them temporarily. Available for: 40s 4 1000
Toolkit Can be used to dismantle the rocket chairs. Dismantling speed is increased for every extra rocket chair remaining. Standard dismantling time: 20s. Available for: 60s 4 1000
Syringe Heal yourself when wounded. Healing time: 15s. Available time: 30s 4 1000

Hunters IconHelpLoading hunter.png[edit | edit source]

Hunters' Hotline
Icon Name Description Amount Cost
Power Pill.png
Power Pill Effect: Increases attack recovery speed by 50%. 1 4000
Combustion Pill.png
Combustion Pill Effect: Increases the countdown speed of rocket chairs by 35%. 1 4000
Recovery Pill.png
Recovery Pill Effects: Reduces the cooldown of all skills or items by 40%. 1 4000
Speed Pill.png
Speed Pill Effect: Increases movement speed by 13%. 1 4000
Smoke Bottle.png
Smoke Bottle A crude bottle of smoke. Throw it to create a small area of thick smoke where it breaks. The smoke lasts for 20 seconds. 8 800
Black Mud.png
Black Mud A can of black mud. Hitting a survivor with it will damage it and leave sludge under their feet that slows them. If no survivor is hit, sludge will appear where the can breaks and will last for 30 seconds. 8 800