Dig to Escape

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Dig to Escape
External Trait - Dig to Escape.png
Character: Gravekeeper

Dig to Escape is an external trait in Identity V Identity v.png. It is unique to the Gravekeeper, Andrew Kress

Description[edit | edit source]

Carries a shovel, enabling him to enter underground sneak mode;

Underground Sneak

In underground Sneak mode, Gravekeeper can dig and move underground;

He can go under pallets that are knocked down, but he can't go through other obstacles in fear of them collapsing;

Given the limited oxygen underground, there is a time limit for underground Sneak mode, but Gravekeeper can stop digging and resurface to the ground at any time.

If he is attacked in underground Sneak mode, he can shield damage once and resurface to the ground;

In underground Sneak mode, if there is sufficient space underground, he can go down a level digging downwards, leaving a pothole behind at the same spot. The pothole will disappear after a duration.