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Normal Crow.png

The Crows are neutral creatures located on every map. They will be disturbed when the survivor passes by. The crows will disappear when the cryptograph is broken or if the Survivor is chased by the Hunter.

If Raven Flock active, the Crows will alert the Hunter to the Survivor's location.

Last Alive Crows[edit | edit source]

Flying Crow.png

Last Alive Crows are Crows that spawn above a Survivor's head if they are the last Survivor remaining in the trial.

Stillness Crows[edit | edit source]

If a survivor stays idle for a long time (80 seconds), Stillness Crows will hover over their head. Measures to get rid of hovering crows include decoding a cipher machine, containing the hunter, healing a teammate, dismantling a rocket chair, opening a locker, etc. Vaulting a window and pulling a pallet will not remove the crows, but will instead cause more alerts.