Corrupt Area

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Corrupt Area
Character: Axe Boy

Corrupt Area is an external trait in Identity V Identity v.png. It is unique to Axe Boy.

Description[edit | edit source]

As time goes by, the Peaceful Pine seedlings will grow and expand their roots to form a Corrupt Area. As the seedlings grow, two Resentful Souls will converge unconsciously in the area. When there are multiple Corrupt Areas formed by Peaceful Pines overlapping, a Restful Road will be formed between every 2 Peaceful Pines.

Resentful Soul

Revovles around Peaceful Pines, but when a Survivor qho is still mobile leaves the Corrupt Area, Resentful Souls in the Corrupt Area will fly toward the Survivor and revovle around them for 30 seconds. Each Survivor may have a maximum of 2 Resentful Souls revovling around them.

Restful Road

A road area formed by the intertwining roots of Peaceful Pines. Robbie receives a large increase in movement speed and all interaction speed when he is on the Restful Road. When any of the Peaceful Pines at either end of the Restful Road is destroyed, the Restful Road will disappear.