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Cipher Machines, or Ciphers, are the main objectives for Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The number of Cipher Machines on a map will always be equal to the number of survivors starting the match plus three. This results in 7 Machines being placed randomly around the map, assuming that all four Survivors joined the game, though all but 2 must be repaired in order for the Exit Gates to become active.

As the Cipher Machines have four sides, it is possible for up to four Survivors to simultaneously use it - assuming that there are no other props blocking any of the sides. The more Survivors that work on the same Cipher Machine at the same time, the faster it will decode. The time taken to decode a Cipher Machine can be further reduced with Abilities Persona or Marks. Once fully repaired, the lights above the Cipher Machine will activate and illuminate the immediate area around it, and the Hunter will receive an auditory and visual cue to the Machine's location.

A Skill Check may trigger whilst a Survivor is decoding. If they fail a Skill Check, the Machine will short-circuit. In addition, no progress will be gained for 3 seconds. The failing player will display a shock animation, and the Hunter will receive an auditory and visual cue to the player's location. If a Survivor stops deciphering as a Skill Check appears, the Skill Check will automatically fail.

After decoding two Cipher Machines, the Dungeon will spawn.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Up to 4 Survivors are able to repair a single Cipher Machine, given that all four sides are accessible. Each additional Survivor will boost the overall repair progress.

When the match starts, after about three minutes have passed, an event called "decoding acceleration" will occur causing all Cipher Machines to crackle with electricity and get decoded 25% faster.

Hitting a perfect calibration makes the cipher decode 0.7 seconds faster than hitting a gray calibration.

# of Survivors repairing Time to repair a Generator
1 Survivor 80/60 seconds
2 Survivors TBA
3 Survivors TBA
4 Survivors TBA

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