Call of the Abyss II

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Call of the Abyss II, or the Global Festival, is an event in Identity V Identity v.png. It lasts from Janurary 3, 2019 to February 13, 2019.

Overview[edit | edit source]


All Detectives can participate in this meaningful and historic event by simply registering as a club. The event features three stages: Steam City, High Tower, and Road to Abyss. Detectives from International Servers will compete across five competing regions: Japan, Hong Kong & Macau & Taiwan, South East Asia, NA-EU, and South Korea. Top-performing clubs from each region will have an opportunity to compete in the Online Qualifiers and ultimately enter the Global Finals to compete against winners from Mainland China for the World Championship. This is an exciting competition in which every player of the game gets a shot.

Festival Details[edit | edit source]

Global Festival Stage[edit | edit source]

  1. The Global Festival event, [Call of the Abyss II] is here. It includes three different stages, which are available according to time: Steam City, High Tower, Road to Abyss.
  2. Steam City is available after maintenance on Jan 3, 2019 (UTC+8). Club Captains can register for the festival for free. Club members that participate in matches can earn a large amount of exclusive rewards and play in Steam City matches to earn Steam City points. Clubs that rank in the top 50 for each region will proceed to the next stage.
  3. High Tower begins after maintenance on Jan. 17, 2019 (UTC+8). Each region's top 50 clubs from the Steam City stage can partake in the High Tower matches to acquire High Tower points. Each region's top 4 clubs will earn an increased amount of rewards and qualify to participate in the [Road to Abyss II] Anniversary Online Qualifiers.
  4. Road to Abyss, the club rankings display stage. Each region's top 4 clubs will be invited to participate in the following [Road to Abyss II] Global Festival online qualifiers.

Global Festival Registration[edit | edit source]

  1. The Global Festival's registration begins after maintenance on January 3 (UTC +8) and ends at 23:59:59 (UTC +8) January 13, 2019.
  2. Players register as a club. A competition region needs to be selected during registration. Regions are divided into five areas based on the number of players in them: Hong Kong & Macau & Taiwan, Japan, South East Asia, South Korea and NA-EU. Players can choose to compete in different areas depending on the region and the server. Please take note that should a club advance to the Online Qualifiers, more than half of the members must have the right of permanent residence in their region, otherwise they will be prevented from participating in the subsequent Global Finals and their place declared forfeit. Should this happen, their position will be offered to the next club.
  3. Once the captain has completed registration, clubs can participate in event activities.
  4. After registering for the Festival, clubs cannot be disbanded while the Festival is active.
  5. If a member leaves a club that is registered, that person will temporarily be ejected from the Festival. If they wish to continue participating in the Festival, they must do so by creating a club, join a new club and register or join a club that is already registered.

Abyss Treasure[edit | edit source]

  1. Abyss Treasures are available for all players and can be exchanged using Inspiration. They contain vast amounts of [Call of the Abyss II] themed costumes, accessories and pets.
  2. Abyss Treasures contain the S costume 'Jack - Evil Eye Host', or the A costumes 'Mercenary - Steam Teen', 'Perfumer - Sands of Time', 'Magician - Optical Mirror' and 'The Mind's Eye - Sound Wave'.
  3. Players will not draw A costumes that they already own until they have collected all available A costumes.
  4. Abyss Treasures will be available after maintenance on Jan. 3, 2019 (UTC +8) and will become unavailable when the Festival ends.
Abyss Treasure.png
Abyss Treasure 2019.1 - 2019.3 96 Inspirations Inspirations-2020.png 960 Inspirations Inspirations-2020.png
[Costume] The Ripper - Evil Eye Host

[Costume] Mercenary - Steam Teen
[Costume] Magician - Optical Mirror
[Costume] Perfumer - Sands of Time
[Costume] The Mind's Eye - Sound Wave
[Costume] Smiley Face - Iron Hat Commander
[Costume] Doctor - Chemist
[Costume] Thief - Schemer
[Costume] Cowboy - Iron Hat Sheriff
[Costume] Embalmer - Banker
[Emote] Magician - Throws Snowball
[Emote] Perfumer - Throws Snowball
[Emote] Mercenary - Throws Snowball
[Emote] The Mind's Eye - Throws Snowball
[Emote] Perfumer - Provoke
[Emote] Perfumer - Shout
[Emote] Perfumer - Lie Down
[Emote] Cowboy - Provoke
[Emote] Cowboy - Shout
[Emote] Cowboy - Lie Down
[Costume] Lucky Guy - Brown
[Costume] Dancer - Jadeite Dance
[Costume] The Feaster - Night Violet
[Costume] Perfumer - Fragrant Powder
[Costume] Embalmer - Bloody Garment
[Costume] Mad Eyes - Bronze
[Portrait] Magician - Dark Side
[Portrait] Explorer - Dark Side
[Portrait] Mercenary - Dark Side
[Portrait] Forward - Dark Side
[Graffiti] Forward - Animal
[Graffiti] Cowboy - Animal
[Graffiti] Perfumer - Animal
[Graffiti] Coordinator - Animal
[Graffiti] Lawyer - Animal
[Graffiti] Magician - Animal
[Graffiti] Explorer - Animal

Event Prize[edit | edit source]

  1. Four clubs will advance from the [Call of the Abyss II] High Tower stage and they will be invited to subsequent online qualifiers for the region.
  2. Each region's base number of players will decide the ultimate quota for the [Call of the Abyss II] Global Festival finals. The quotas are as follows: Hong Kong & Macau & Taiwan - 2, Japan - 2, South East Asia - 2, South Korea - 1, NA-EU - 1, and 8 clubs from Mainland China (Total of 16 clubs). All these clubs will participate in the [Call of the Abyss II] Global Festival finals.
  3. Total prize money for the [Call of the Abyss II] Global Festival is ¥1 million. A club's ranking determines their share of the pot: 1 - 38%, 2 - 18%, 3 - 12%, 4 - 8%, 5 to 8 - 3%, 9 to 16 - 1.5%.

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