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Blackjack is a Game Mode available in Identity V.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Winning, Losing and receiving a Tie grants the Player with the same amount of Logic Points as when doing so in a regular match.

If the Player manages to place top 100-1000 in their server, the Player is rewarded with 3 Memory Spheres from the previous Season and 3 Tier IV Rank Essences of the current season.

If the Player manages to place top 1-100 in their server, the Player is rewarded with 5 Memory Spheres from the previous Season and 5 Tier IV Rank Essences of the current season.

How to Play[edit | edit source]

Blackjack requires 5 players to begin. Each player selects a Hunter and Survivor they would like to use in game before the game begins.The player cannot change the Persona Web given to them when playing Blackjack. A standard Persona Web is used on all characters during Blackjack.

At the start of the game, the players all receive a card from the "host" of the game. The player can choose to draw a second card to increase their card points. The player with the highest total card points after everyone is done drawing cards will be the Hunter for the round. Like in real life Blackjack, players are not supposed to have their card points rack up beyond 21 and should strive to obtain 21 points.

Players playing as Survivors are required to contain the Hunter and decode cipher machines found around the map. The player playing as the Hunter is required to hunt Survivors. Players obtain store points by carrying out these tasks. The store points can be exchanged for boosts and items in the Blackjack Store found on the top left corner of the screen while the player is in game.

Earning Points[edit | edit source]

Decoding a cipher machine will award the Player with 100 store points. Co-op decoding will speed up the process and both players will be awarded the same amount of points. Missing a calibration or leaving the cipher will decrease the total amount of points the player can receive from the decoding.

Containing the Hunter will award the Player a small amount of store points. Points are only awarded for escaping the Hunter, instead. Stunning and containing the Hunter will not award the Player with points, unfortunately.

Attacking Survivors will award the Player with 50 points per hit. Players will be incapacitated after one hit. Hitting Magician's illusions will not award points.

Standard Persona Web[edit | edit source]

Survivor[edit | edit source]

Hunter[edit | edit source]

Other things to note[edit | edit source]

  • Decoding speed is faster in Blackjack mode. Cipher locations and decoding progress is refreshed when a round ends.
  • Healing speed is faster in Blackjack mode. Players have unlimited self heal capabilities. Players will be returned to full health after self healing.
  • On the same note, Survivors only require 1 Hit to be incapacitated. They can, however, still be hit by abilities that only garner 0.25 damage, which will translate to 0.5 damage in Blackjack. Hell Ember's dolls deal 0.5 damage in Blackjack mode.
  • Survivors will be instantly healed when the round ends.
  • All abilities of characters have been somewhat adjusted to fit better in Blackjack mode.
  • Hunter's secondary trait will be Teleport.
  • Currently, Dream Witch and Postman cannot be used in Blackjack.

Regular Round[edit | edit source]

Each regular round lasts 120 seconds. Players will receive one more card after every regular round. The player with the highest total card points at the end of these rounds will take on the Hunter role in the next round.

Special Rounds[edit | edit source]

Special rounds lasts 60 seconds. This includes rounds in which there is one (or more) player(s) with 21 store points and rounds in which there are only two players left.

21 Point Rounds[edit | edit source]

The player with 21 store points will be highlighted in yellow. Furthermore, the icon of the player will have a glowing number "21" on it. If the card points of the player is changed during this round, whether it be through deduction or addition, the player highlight effect will disappear. If the round ends and the player still has 21 points, all other players will lose and the player will earn a "Blackjack" and win.

Deciding Rounds[edit | edit source]

Two players are left in the game. One will take on the role of the Hunter and the other, a Survivor. At the end of the round, the player with the highest card points without bursting will be the winner.

Blackjack Store[edit | edit source]