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Arms Factory, also known as the "Minerva Arms Factory," is one of 9 maps currently in Identity V IconHelp IVlogo.png.


The arms factory that was abandoned after a huge fire. Strange footsteps can be heard coming from inside it at night.


It is clear that another major accident had occurred after the closure. Leo Beck, the small workshop owner of the textile mill, bought the debt-ridden Minerva Military Factory after accepting the advice of his friend Freddy Riley. This was not the beginning of a dream, but a prelude to bad luck.[1]

The entire factory was in a bad state of repair, and had a huge debt load. Leo's wife and Freddy Riley had already taken away all of Leo's property and disappeared. Leo, who could not afford the debt, ended his life with flames in the factory.[1]


The Minerva military factory is covered with discarded tires on the ground. The logo and house number of the factory can also be found in the factory. The main entrance is the abandoned land of weeds. The settings of warning lights, street lights and electric lights can give people an idea of ​​the game's asymmetry against the gameplay. Also, it has tanks that have red glowing lights. Of course, it also has rocket chairs, antennae, and cipher machines.

Inside the factory, it is clear that a fire had burned away much of it. In the center of the factory, there is machinery. There is a corner of gunpowder with the words "I WILL FIND YOU" written next to it.




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