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Alias: Antonio
Gender: Male
Career: Violinist
Clues: 4508
Echoes: 858

Antonio, or The Violinist, is one of 18 Hunters IconHelpLoading hunter.png currently featured in Identity V Identity v.png.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Antonio is a hunter that uses long distance attacks to his advantage.

His first ability allows him to cause damage to a Survivor from afar. A Terrifying String Music is generated and if positioned and timed correctly, will hit the Survivor. The String Music takes a moment to generate after placing it down, so putting it slightly in front of the targeted Survivor's current spot will cause it to hit the Survivor. Should the player fail to generate the second note before the timer runs out, they will have to wait 7 seconds before being able to use the ability again.

His second ability consists of Terrifying Music Notes that Antonio will be able to generate for 9 seconds when activated. During this time, he can throw the notes in the direction he is facing. The notes can go through terrain and have no collision. If the note hits a survivor, they will be infected with a stack of Demon Notes and will receive healing and decoding speed penalties, but no damage.

His third ability builds on his first, letting the string extend parallel to the original string. Survivors on the path of the string will get hit and receive damage, unless they find themselves in the spaces between the lines. The player must be facing the direction they want the string to travel. The string can pass through props on the map.

Background[edit | edit source]

Antonio is a famous violinist who was extremely good at his craft. He could play melodies with only a single string on his violin. It is rumoured by others that he struck a deal with the devil to enhance his performances.

External Trait[edit | edit source]

External Traits
Icon Name Description
Terrifying Melody Antonio plays out terrifying music with all the melody in the world.

Survivors infected with multiple stacks of Demon Notes.

Demon Notes

Survivors' movements are affected by the music resounding in their ears. They need to find a quiet place to calm down.

1/2/3 stack(s) of Demon Notes will decrease movement speed by 4%/8%/12%, and decrease decoding and healing speed by 15%/30%/50%.

Where there are no other Survivors within 24m, the infected Survivor can calm down through meditation and remove the effect of the Demon Notes.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

These are three Abilities that are unique to the Violinist:

Icon Name Description
Sonata Antonio plays the first Music Note at the target location. He can use his ability to play a second Music Note within 5s.

The two Music Notes will resonate to generate Terrifying String Music.

Terrifying String

Stays on the field for 13s, but only deals damage right when it's generated. Survivors who are hit will suffer damage equal to 1 normal attack plus 1 stack of Demon Notes.

When these Survivors touch the same String Music later, another stack of Demon Notes will be added with no damage suffered.

There is a 5s buffer for the Sting Music to add a stack of Demon Notes to the same Survivor.

Rhapsody Antonio performs for 9s:

During the crazed performance, he can move during the backswing of normal attacks and charged attacks. His attacks won't collide with scene features. At the same time, he will also send out an additional Terrifying Music Note along with each attack.

Terrifying Music

Music Notes that ignore the terrain and keep on flying, adding 1 stack of Demon Notes to the Survivors hit.

Perpetual Motion Within 20m of the Terrifying String Music's centre, Antonio can throw out his bow and pull on the String Music to make it vibrate, creating 10 scattered and fleeting pieces of String Music.

Survivors hit by the String Music will suffer damage equal to a normal attack. Survivors in the areas between the pieces won't be affected.

Deduction Target[edit | edit source]

All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic Points Logic points.png for the Logic Path Logic path.png

Appearance Decoration[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Series Description Cost
Original Already Equipped The original costume. Everything looks so natural. N/A
Inferno Sonata S11 Essence 1 No one can resist the willpower embedded by the visitor from hell in the music piece. Yet the musician only cares about the elegant purity and isn't flattered by the boisterous sound. It's only when he finds out that a misfit has fled to the world of the living in pursuit of his music that he's finally motivated to play his heart out. ([Limited] Costume, only available in S11 Essence 1) N/A
Ouroboros Memory Sphere Season 13 In order to harvest the essence generated from the displacement of body and soul the Ouroboros is cursed with the fate of devouring lives around it, just as it's devouring itself. N/A
Sound of Life and Death N/A He finds inspiration in the life and death of trees and plays out music notes about the withering of life with hair-strands that resemble deadwood. 318 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 1188 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
Icon Name Series Description Cost
A Dream Frozen in Time Memory Sphere Season 13 It's snowing. Remind yourself at all times-- stay awake no matter what. For when your eyes are closed, it's not the sweetness of dreamland that you see, but a lethal melody at the last moment.

Special effect: Replace ability effect.

788 Echoes Echoes-2020.png or 2988 Fragments Fragments-2020.png

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Use Terrifying String to hit survivors with it first before using your normal attack. That way, you don't have to wait for the attack recovery animation.
  • Once you've unlocked Rhapsody, use it when chasing a survivor to not have to worry about the slight pause in movement when missing a hit. Since Antonio can still move during the backswings of normal attacks, you can swing freely.
  • When possible, spawn the furthest note you intend to use of the Sonata ability first. Because notes take some time to travel to the spot indicated, doing this will help the Terrifying String generate faster. and almost instantly.
  • You can put the note on the other side of a window or pallet to stop the survivers from interacting with it. If they do interact, you can place a note and hit them while they are interacting with the prop.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Antonio is believed to be inspired by Niccolò Paganini, an extremely talented and acclaimed XIX century violinist. It is often mentioned he was able to perform concertos with only one string. Rumors say the reason behind his talent was due to Paganini selling his soul to the devil, earning him the nickname of "The Devil's Violinist"
    • Antonio has only one string in his violin, which is another reference to Paganini.
  • His violin string is said to be made of one of the strands of his hair. The string can play the entire scale range of a regular violin.
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