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Past Events that happened in 2020.

January[edit | edit source]

Spring Festival Event[edit | edit source]

The Spring Festival is the most popular holiday in this mysterious oriental country, but under the festive facade, a crisis is brewing. Nian, an ancient Monster born in the Abyss. has risen in the treacherous Manor. Let's work together to repel the Nian monster and bring joy and happiness back to the Manor!

The Spring Festival Even is divided into 4 parts:

The Legend of Nian (Jan 18-Feb 9): The Lunar Prophet has foretold the emergence of the Nian Monster. Players can log-in every day to collect Spring Festival rewards and learn about the secret of the Nian Monster. Players may also get Clues, Fragments and other rewards, not to mention Spring Festival Portrait Frame as the ultimate reward for checking in.

Nian Monster's Descending (Jan 18-Jan 24): The Nian Monster has descended quietly in the Manor. Collect the joyous New Year's Breath by completing quests to repel the Nian Monster and get abundant prizes, including The Feaster's B Costume - "Nian" and A Costume Unlock Card. Quest will be unlocked every few days during the event starting from January 18. Unlocked quests can only be activated upon collecting the rewards of previous quests. Work hard to complete the quests and get the Unlock Card as the event will end before the Lunar New Year!

Spring Festival Decor (Jan 25-Feb 9): After the Nian Monster has been repelled, the owner of the Manor calls everyone to decorate the Lobby for the upcoming Spring Festival. Complete quests to get Clues, Fragments and Spring Festival Furniture.

Lantern Festival Cooking Event (Feb 1-Feb 9): The owner of the Manor needs your help as the chef was hurt during the Nian Monster's attack. You need to help out in preparing the Lantern Festival feast. Complete cooking mini-games to get medals and exchange for rewards in the Spring Festival Event Shop, including Spring Festival Event Portraits, Accessory - Lantern etc.

March[edit | edit source]

Eternal Forest (March 12-March 22)[edit | edit source]

Nature's masterpiece "Eternal Forest" is withering! The beautiful streams, cheeky elves, crisp chirps... these will all be gone if we don't do something!

Plant a tree, build a forest! The event is divided into 5 stages. At each stage, when players win a battle (not including Blackjack, Custom and Five-Player Rank Match modes), they can obtain the corresponding tree seed of the current stage. Players can obtain 2 trees from each stage at most. Having obtained the trees, players can plant them at the Eternal Forest event interface and water them with the water droplets obtained from time spent online. Each tree from each stage will attract elves. Grow trees and attract elves to gain rewards.

Tree Planting
Task Description
Collect Seeds Seeds of the trees in Eternal Forest are scattered around the Manor. Complete battles on available seed sowing days to obtain the corresponding seeds.
Plant Seeds Plant trees in Eternal Forest in order to revive it. Select tree pits in forest area to plant trees.
Cultivate trees and obtain rewards Spend time online to obtain spring water to cultivate trees. Attract elves for great rewards.
Collect Seeds There are 5 types of tree seeds which can be obtained through battles. Complete battles on available sowing days to obtain the corresponding seeds.
  • Chinese Ash Sowing Day 3.12-3.13
  • Oak Sowing Day 3.14-3.15
  • Chinese Fir Sowing Day 3.16-3.17
  • Holly Sowing Day 3.18-3.19
  • Brownea Sowing Day 3.20-3.22
Sow Trees Tap the plant button to select a tree pit. Select a seed in the pop-up interface to complete planting.
Elves Attracted Obtainable Rewards 200 Elves Attracted - 20 Spyglasses

400 Elves Attracted - [Potrait] King Flower

600 Elves Attracted - "Emote Unlock Card" (Event)

800 Elves Attracted - 50 Inspirations

1000 Elves Attracted - [Costume] Axe Boy - Death of Eurya

(Every tree planted and fully watered will earn the player 100 Elves attracted. Watering the tree 3 stages will reward the player with 10 Fragments Fragments.png, 6 stages will reward 10 Clues Clues.png and 9 stages will reward another 10 Clues Clues.png.)

Event End Letter
Dear [Player name],

First, let us express our most sincere thanks to each detective.

Without the efforts of each detective, "Eternal Forest" would have become nothing but a name in history.

In just 10 days, the detectives have planted 6,739,177 lively new trees for "Eternal Forest". Even though the forest's ecosystem still needs years to recover, we're really grateful for what you've done. "Eternal Forest" is definitely not the only forest in need. Please save other dying forests as well.

Thank you, everyone.

From: "Eternal Forest"

Reward: 20 Fragments Fragments.png

Forest Exploration[edit | edit source]

Forest Mystery: Players will obtain a "Sheet Music" for logging in each day. Having obtained Sheet Music, players can explore them at the Eternal Forest event interface for rewards and stories of concealed events. Log in for 7 days to obtain an exclusive portrait frame. During the last 2 days of the event, players with insufficient Sheet Music can get more from Inspiration Exchange.

Use Music Box

Use Music Box to play music and attract elves to gather. Tap to use Music Box and rattle the joystick to play dance music.

Follow the elves for Clues and rewards

Elves will guide you to find Clues. Tap highlighted areas where elves gather to obtain Clues and rewards.

Collect all the Clues and exchange for rewards

Collect all the Clues to restore a complete memory. Collect all the Clues for esteemed rewards.

Exploration Memo
Title Transcript Reward
Logging project record (1) To headquarters:

We arrived at the forest on schedule. We are now preparing to commence the 10-day logging project ahead.

This place is nice, with streams and tall trees everywhere.

We're setting up our camp here, so we should be able to start working tomorrow.

We'll leave the scouting work to the scouting teams as usual!

10 Inspirations Inspirations.png
Logging project record (2) The scouting report is really astonishing.

All five teams' report mentioned obscure light and unknown creatures.

Dammit, is this their first day at work?

Are there really monsters?

I'll take the lads out for scouting tonight! They can't even do their job.

10 Clues Clues.png
Logging project record (3) Perhaps these lads aren't totally stupid.

At night, this forest is really quite scary.

Whatever, even if there are things around, they're just emitting light and staring at you!

We've wasted a day. We must commence work tomorrow morning!

[Graffiti] Forward - Excalibur's Choice
Logging project record (4) We've made good progress, such that we may get out of here in 5 days.

I told you I'm the person for this job!

Why aren't they back from hunting?

Dammit, I hope they're not lost.

I'll send a search team to look for those idiots.

10 Fragments Fragments.png
Logging project record (5) To headquarters: We've made great progress on the project which should be completed in a day or two. But the terrain here is complicated and two teams got separated.

I need extra help with sufficient food and weapons. Since we need an additional day to search for the missing teams, our departure will likely be delayed for a day.

10 Inspirations Inspirations.png
Logging project record (6) Luckily, our project wasn't affected and we've completed the project on schedule.

Hahaha, my salary for this should enable me to enjoy myself for 6 months!

Oh right, these idiots are still missing, so I'll have to search the forest.

There are quite a few of them should something have happened.

[Graffiti] Axe Boy - Cost of Purity
Logging project record (7) Fog, obscure light, vines.

They're everywhere!

Screams can be heard from all directions!

My god!

What's this place!?

Help me!

[Portrait Frame] Nature's Blessing
Logger's hunting record The fog is veiled and the roads ahead in all but one direction!

This feels like someone's making you go on that road!

We walk up the only way we can see to an open space, and it's here,

where we hear, "You don't belong here" from near and far.

10 Inspirations Inspirations.png
Logger's death record There's so many of us.

We have so much equipment.

All gone because of this forest, and we don't even know who the enemy was!

My leg is injured. I can't walk.

Dammit, someone help me, please!

10 Fragments Fragments.png

April[edit | edit source]

Lucky Devil's Tribute[edit | edit source]

The golden light of luck is with you. Lucky Devil's Tribute Event is now available. Log in during the event to obtain rewards. Log in to the game 5 days in a row to obtain event exclusive Portrait Frame - Lucky Devil's Tribute.

Log-In Day Reward
1 10 Clues Clues.png
2 15 Fragments Fragments.png
3 20 Clues Clues.png
4 20 Inspirations Inspirations.png
5 50 Inspirations Inspirations.png
6 [Portrait Frame] Lucky Devil's Tribute

Songkran Festival[edit | edit source]

The Songkran Festival is an important holiday in many regions of Southeast Asia. People who celebrate this holiday gift each other Jasmine Garlands and engage in water fights that represent purification, blessings, and atonement of sins.

The Songkran Festival Event is available from April 9th, 2020 after maintenance to April 19th, 2020 23:59:59 (Server Time. The start time for NA servers begins on April 9th, 2020 at 00:00:00). Participate in the event to claim rewards including the Priestess' B costume - Peacock Dance.

Righteous Eyes[edit | edit source]

During the event, log in to the event page to detect a character who is infected by misfortune. Log in for a total of 7 days to obtain an event-exclusive portrait frame. After April 15th, you may spend inspirations to make up your sign-in.

Search for the Misfortunate[edit | edit source]
  1. Tap to search the photo.
  2. Drag the magnifier to search.
  3. Find the character infected with misfortune to obtain rewards.
Search for the Misfortune
Day Transcript Reward
1 《Spring Cleaning》

During the Songkran Festival, every household will practice spring cleaning to welcome their guests with a tidy environment.

Character cleansed: Soul Weaver

50 Clues Clues.png
2 《Prepare scented water and purified water》

Women and children prepared scented water and purified water that are used for the "Water Cleansing Ceremony" and to perform water pouring on Buddha statues.

Character Cleansed: Doctor

30 Inspirations Inspirations.png
3 《Water Cleansing Ceremony》

The "Water Cleansing Ceremony" is a Songkran tradition that requires a young person to prepare purified water in a silver container and splash water onto the hands of the elders. The practice symbolises purification and the washing away of one's sins.

Character Cleansed: Mind's Eye and Bloody Queen

100 Fragments Fragments.png
4 《Life Release》

"Life Release" ceremony is practiced in some regions of Southeast Asia during Songkran Festival. The animals are blessed and returned to their natural habitat with the belief that the person will generate good karma.

Character Cleansed: Mercenary

80 Inspirations Inspirations.png
5 《Water Fight》

"Water" has a profound symbolic meaning during Songkran Festival. It represents purification and blessing. People engage in water fights to dispel misfortune, atone for their sins, and welcome the new year.

Character Cleansed: Forward

50 Spyglasses
6 《Drum Performance》

Throughout Southeast Asia, people celebrate the Songkran Festival in the forms of carnivals and performances.

Character Cleansed: Feaster and Smiley Face

[Accessory] Gardener - Jasmine Garland
7 《Food Tasting》

Food is a theme that never goes out of style. Many foods served during the Songkran Festival represent different symbolic meanings.

Character Cleansed: Geisha

[Portrait Frame] Garland of Grace

Misfortune Purification[edit | edit source]

Upon signing in and detecting the character who is infected with misfortune, you may participate in battles (not including Custom, Five-Player, and Blackjack modes) to get deduction points and purified water (the available amount of purified water is related to the character you detected). Purified water is used to dispel misfortune. Dispel one's misfortune 7 times to obtain event-exclusive costume for the Priestess and more.

Dispel Misfortune[edit | edit source]
  1. Tap the photo in the upper right corner of the interface to search for the character you want to splash.
  2. Obtain purified water from matches and use the purified water to dispel misfortune.
  3. Tap the "Begin to dispel misfortune" button below to start the game.
  4. Tap the character infected with misfortune and splash purified water on them to dispel misfortune.
  5. Splash the character infected with misfortune to obtain game rewards.
Expulsion rewards list[edit | edit source]

1 successful expulsion(s) in total.

Rewards: 50 Clues Clues.png

2 successful expulsion(s) in total.

Rewards: [Graffiti] The Feaster - Water Fight

3 successful expulsion(s) in total.

Rewards: 150 Fragments Fragments.png

4 successful expulsion(s) in total.

Rewards: [Portrait] Lucky's Playtime

5 successful expulsion(s) in total.

Rewards: [Graffiti] Priestess - Splash

6 successful expulsion(s) in total.

Rewards: 80 Spyglasses

7 successful expulsion(s) in total.

Rewards: [Costume] Priestess - Peacock Dance

Reminiscence Event[edit | edit source]

An unknown disturbance left a ripple in the river of memory. Do you have the courage and determination to reclaim the forgotten past?

Complete the Reminiscence Event quest to claim the rewards that are rightfully yours. Log in for 4 consecutive days to receive 4 Resounding Triumph, and use them to redeem 4 COA3 Club Graffiti at the limited-time event shop. It's time to show support for your favourite club! Complete matches to obtain exclusive costumes. Would you like the "Banquet Butler" costume or the "Banquet Maid" costume? You Decide! The two B Costumes mentioned above will be available in the event shop, and can be purchased with spyglasses.

Event Duration: After maintenance on April 23rd to April 29th 23:59:59 (server time)

Reminiscence Event Login Task 1

Reward Obtained: 10 Clues Clues.png

Reminiscence Event Login Task 2

Reward Obtained: 20 Clues Clues.png

Reminiscence Event Login Task 3

Reward Obtained: 30 Clues Clues.png

Reminiscence Event Login Task 4

Reward Obtained: 40 Clues Clues.png, 4 Resounding Triumphs

Reminiscence Event Battle Quest 1

Reward Obtained: 20 Fragments Fragments.png

Reminiscence Event Battle Quest 2

Reward Obtained: 30 Fragments Fragments.png

Reminiscence Event Battle Quest 3

Reward Obtained: 20 Spyglasses

Reminiscence Event Battle Quest 4

Reward Obtained: [Accessories] Anniversary Cake

Reminiscence Event Battle Quest 5

Reward Obtained: [Costume] Doctor - Banquet Maid or [Costume] Embalmer - Banquet Butler

Deduction Star Voting Event[edit | edit source]

Spring is coming to an end as summer is around the corner. While the season changes, the Manor is preparing for the Deduction Star Voting Event. The final result will be posted on May 20 at 10am. Who will be selected as the new 2020 Deduction Star? Let's find out!

*Furthermore, during the Deduction Star Event, all previous Deduction Star costumes will enjoy a rate of 12% off discount after maintenance on April 23. It's time to bring out the good old memories and witness their glory once again!

[edit | edit source]

Sign in each day to claim rewards and Voting Tickets. When the 2020 Deduction Star Voting Event begins, more Voting Ticket claiming options will be available.

[Gather around, Deduction Stars!]:

Players can obtain Voting Tickets, Deduction Star themed graffiti, Deduction Star portraits, and other rewards by signing in every day. The Voting Tickets can be used to cast votes in the Deduction Star Voting Event.

Log-In Day Reward
1 1 Voting Ticket & 100 Clues Clues.png
2 1 Voting Ticket & [Graffiti] Wu Chang Black Guard - Deduction Star
3 1 Voting Ticket & [Graffiti] Doctor - Deduction Star
4 1 Voting Ticket & 50 Fragments Fragments.png
5 1 Voting Ticket & [Graffiti] Geisha - Deduction Star
6 1 Voting Ticket & [Portrait] Deduction Star 2020
7 2 Voting Tickets & 50 Clues 32.9766x32.9766px
8 2 Voting Tickets & 50 Fragments Fragments.png

[Battle it out, Deduction Stars!]:

During the Deduction Star Voting Event, players participating in Quick Matches, Rank Matches, and Duo Hunters Matches can obtain corresponding May Day Medals based on the results of their battles. The May Day Medals can be used to exchange Memory Spheres, May Day portrait frames, and other rewards from previous events in the Event Store. Moreover, players accumulating a certain amount of May Day Medals will also obtain Voting Tickets. (April 30 - May 5)

Collecting Deduction Star Voting Tickets[edit | edit source]
  1. Playing in a team with someone wearing a Deduction Star costume will award the player 1 Deduction Star Voting Ticket. There will only be one claim per day.
  2. Collecting 20 May Day Medals will award the player with 1 Deduction Star Voting Ticket.
  3. Logging in to the game daily will award the player 1 Deduction Star Voting Ticket on the first 6 days and 2 on the last two days.
Using Deduction Star Voting Tickets[edit | edit source]
  1. Vote for characters in the voting interface. The player can interchange between Hunter and Survivor characters. The amount of voting tickets the player has on hand will be displayed at the left bottom corner of the screen.
  2. Voting for a character will display a quote from them. The vote will be automatically registered. No confirmation is needed.
  3. Characters that have already received a Deduction Star costume in 2018 and 2019 will not receive any more Deduction Star costumes in 2020. Quotes will still appear but the vote will be void. Characters will the question mark bubble on their icon are characters that have deduction star costumes already.
  4. The top 3 voted characters in both servers will receive deduction star costumes. Currently, the most popular characters are Mercenary, Perfumer, Embalmer and Bloody Mary.
Collecting May Day Medals[edit | edit source]
  1. Winning a match grants the player 25 May Day Medals. Losing or Tying the match will grant the player 15 May Day Medals. Players can only gain 100 May Day Medals per day through battle.
Using May Day Medals[edit | edit source]
  1. May Day Medals can be exchanged for a variety of rewards. Check Event Shop for more details. Shop items are only available for the event time period.

Deduction Star Voting[edit | edit source]

[Time to compete, Deduction Stars!]:

During the Deduction Star Voting Event, players can collect May Day Medals by logging in every day and obtain Voting Tickets by participating in matches with characters dressed in Deduction Star costumes. Use Voting Tickets to cast votes on any character. Cast a certain number of votes to obtain Deduction Star themed graffiti, dynamic portraits, and other rewards. When the event is over, Survivor characters ranking 1st or 2nd in votes and the Hunter character ranking 1st in votes will be named this year's "Deduction Star" (if a "Deduction Star" from previous years i.e. The Ripper, Wu Chang, Geisha, Coordinator, Gardener, Priestess, Seer, or Doctor ranked 1st or 2nd in votes, the character ranked next in line will be named as the new "Deduction Star") and have their exclusive Deduction Star costumes made later on! (April 30 - May 5)

1 vote(s) cast

Rewards Obtained: [Graffiti] Wu Chang White Guard - Deduction Star

2 vote(s) cast

Rewards Obtained: [Graffiti] Seer - Deduction Star

3 vote(s) cast

Rewards Obtained: 100 Fragments Fragments.png

5 vote(s) cast

Rewards Obtained: [Graffiti] Geisha Hannya - Deduction Star

8 vote(s) cast

Rewards Obtained: 100 Clues Clues.png

13 vote(s) cast

Rewards Obtained: [Graffiti] Priestess - Deduction Star

20 vote(s) cast

Rewards Obtained: Self Select Dynamic Portrait

Deduction Star Character Quotes[edit | edit source]

Deduction Star Character Quotes - Survivors


"My hands will relieve you of your pain."

"Don't feel sorry for me. It's my duty to help those in need."

"I'm not going to see you without an appointment."


"Oh, your honor, please let me explain."

"Lying is my currency."

"A lawyer always finds a way out. I must remain calm."


"You... you must've made a mistake, your belongings are where it should be, see?"

"I've always been generous."

"Eh? It'll cost a fortune to build another orphanage."


"Ah, I've put my heart and soul into this garden. These flowers will make such a beautiful specimen."

"Extraordinary measures are required to survive in this insane world."

"My beloved scarecrow needs more decorations."


"It's no easy task to get the public's recognition."

"I'm not deceitful, but simply well-versed in optical illusions."

"Never expose the truth behind magic if you want to be happy."


"The world portrayed in books is the most beautiful."

"Come explore the ends of the world with me, will you?"

"Don't ever underestimate me. I'm a famed survivalist."


"Don't worry. I'm used to living in danger."

"Don't bring that up. That wasn't a good memory."

"What that war did to me... I'll never forget."


"It's my passion to search for ways to fly."

"Everything I do is for me to achieve my dream."

"I'm not succumbing to others' plans."


"Manners maketh a man. You know I detest those who use foul language."

"Why do you lead me here?"

"Trust in your faith and you may live forever."


"Spending time with machines is always pure and joyful."

"Eh? Where did my inventions go?"

"Intricate mechanism are the most intriguing art in the world."


"Fighting gets me all riled up!"

"Let me show you how it's done!"

"Rugby, anyone?"

Mind's Eye

"I may be blind, but that doesn't prevent me from immersing in the ocean of literature."

"Poetry and dessert are a perfect match!"

"God shut a door on me, but he has also opened a window for me."


"When can I get the recipe?"

"Do you have anything you'd rather forget?"

"Sweet fragrance always washes my sorrow away."


"You can fool others but you can't fool yourself."

"It's not easy being a good person."

"Freedom beats all."

Female Dancer

"I don't belong to that little village in the border."

"I just want to break free of life's shackles."

"Everyone longs for dazzling jewelry."


"Shh, God's will is a secret."

"There's no need to be surprised. I've always looked at the world differently."

"A promise is everything."


"The end of a journey deserves utmost the respect."

"I'm not keen on such a lively gathering."

"Don't pay attention to me and leave me alone."


"Persistence is my proudest virtue."

"The taste of gold is mesmerizing."

"Don't ever mention that mining tragedy to me again!"


"Mother gave me the gift of wealth, which is much more important than beauty."

"Searching for my roots; the place where I belong."

"Teach the cursed girl to utilise her shackles and put them to good use."


"I have no idea what the world outside is like. Can you take me out to have a look?"

"Don't make me jump through the hoop of fire... I'm scared of that red thing."

"My friends and I don't belong here."


"I won't let go of the person who destroyed 'Hullabaloo'."

" Don't think I'll trust you so easily, you cute little thing."

"Come and see my show!"

First Officer

"That's too shabby."

"Have you seen the honour once given to the Baden family?"

"I'm the best assistant."


"Though the Dovlin is strong, it's delicious nonetheless. Would you like to try?"

"I miss that guy, Sam."

"If I could turn back time, I would spend more time with my family."


"Written words are much more sincere than spoken ones."

"I want to write you a letter, my adorable friend."

"Is there someone you want to write to?"


"It's just a money transaction after all. What's the difference?"

"I don't like the sun. Stay away from me."

"It's not up to me. But I can give it a go if you want."


"I may be in prison uniform, but I'm not imprisoned."

"When will I create my greatest invention?"

"It's no easy task connecting the circuits, but it's what I do best."

Lucky Guy

"Don't be sad. I'll share some of my luck with you."

"I'm so lucky to have your adoration."

"Being lucky is a talent."

Deduction Star Character Quotes - Hunters

Hell Ember

"If there is an afterlife, I really wish I can protect you all."

"Emma, my dear daughter, please be well."

"Dammit, you rascal. You're not getting away with this."

Smiley Face

"Just laugh, as if you've never been sad before."

"The guy who smiles every day has so much going for him. Perhaps it's time for a change."

"The surrounding laughter, the released torch and the burning rooftop, I was instantly relieved as soon as that place went up in flames."


"All elks are my close companions."

"You'll get hurt from being too nice."

"I won't let go of poachers."

The Ripper

"A gentleman never crosses the line."

"Dear lady, welcome to 'my' world."

"I love evening walks."

Soul Weaver

"Thank you for remembering me still."

"It's not easy to get others' attention."

"The audience always wants something new. I'm no longer needed."


"Who will leave their home if not for someone they love?"

"I've been waiting for you right here."

"Miles, do you still remember me?"

Wu Chang

"I hope at least you will get fair treatment."

"The rain comes splattering down. I miss my friends from the past."

"Don't try to find me, for my soul has drifted afar."


"Can I take a photo of you, beautiful lady?"

"Photos can make memorable things last forever."

"Take a photo and I can have its most beautiful disposition."

Mad Eyes

"Researching mechanisms is my ultimate passion."

"Don't use my device without asking me first."

"I keep thinking about that boisterous child, despite how annoying he is."

The Feaster

"If you sacrifice enough, you may get a revelation."

"Don't get too close to me."

"It is an honor to be influenced by me."

Dream Witch

"Lucky child, I'll bestow some of my conscience to you."

"Devour, divide and fuse - the cycle repeats."

"Become my disciple if you wish to catch a glimpse of my visage."

Axe Boy

"I want my sister."

"The spring has come, and the Juniper Tree at the orphanage grew an inch taller."

"I'll be happy if you give me a piece of chocolate."

Evil Reptilian

"Do you think biologists are afraid of monsters?"

"Give me something interesting to do."

"The great scholar, Luchino, is gone forever."

Bloody Queen

"If you offer me jewelry, I'd gladly accept it."

"I hate vulgarity. I only wear grandiose clothing."

"If you want to date me, you'd better prepare some royal afternoon tea."

Guard 26

"What are you afraid of? I'll blow it up for you."

"Hello! Nice to meet you, Bonbon."

"Bonbon will listen to you."


"Occasional kindness does not grant you redemption."

"If destiny leads you here, then you must follow it's guidance."

"Let's see what my cat says."

May[edit | edit source]

Holistic Wellness Event[edit | edit source]

Your health is the fortune that you should treasure the most, and the health care providers are the protectors who safeguard our most precious assets. Keeping your body in tip-top condition is the greatest support we could provide to them. And for this, we have prepared an event to dedicate to the importance of wellness. Complete quests and claim your "Protector"! Adequate fitness is essential to your competitive edge in gaming!

Event Period: May 14, 2020 (after maintenance) - May 20, 2020 23:59:59 (Server Time)

Holistic Wellness Quest 1

Log in 1 day to claim reward.

Reward: 10 Clues Clues.png

Holistic Wellness Quest 2

Log in 1 day to claim reward.

Reward: 15 Fragments Fragments.png

Holistic Wellness Quest 3

Log in 1 day to claim reward.

Reward: [Graffiti] Protector

Holistic Wellness Quest 4

Stay online for 60 minutes to claim reward.

Reward: 10 Clues Clues.png

Holistic Wellness Quest 5

Complete 1 Normal Match or Ranked Match to claim reward (No less than 2,000 Deduction Points)

Reward: 20 Clues Clues.png

Holistic Wellness Quest 6

Complete 3 Normal Match or Ranked Match to claim reward (No less than 2,000 Deduction Points)

Reward: 30 Clues Clues.png

Holistic Wellness Quest 7

Complete 7 Normal Match or Ranked Match to claim reward (No less than 2,000 Deduction Points)

Reward: [Portrait] Rebirth

Holistic Wellness Quest 8

Achieve victory in 1 Normal Match or Ranked Match to claim reward (No less than 2,000 Deduction Points)

Reward: 20 Fragments Fragments.png

Holistic Wellness Quest 9

Achieve victory in 1 Normal Match or Ranked Match yo claim reward (No less than 2,000 Deduction Points)

Reward: [Costume] Doctor - Protector

Danganronpa Crossover[edit | edit source]

Pre-registration[edit | edit source]

Identity V X Danganronpa Crossover Event Pre-registration is OPEN NOW!

Global detectives pre-registration now and claim rewards up to 10 crossover essences and 1 exclusive portrait!

Period: May 15 - May 27

Danganronpa Crossover Chests - Stage 1:[edit | edit source]

Time Period: May 28th, 2020 after maintenance - June 25th, 2020 before maintenance

1. Danganronpa first Crossover has started, crossover essence【Danganronpa crossover Essence】launches, players can obtain crossover costumes: Guard 26 S costumes-Monokuma, Coordinator A costumes-Kyoko Kirigiri, Lucky Guy A costumes-Makoto Naegi, Barmaid A costumes-Junko Enoshima, limited crossover items such as portrait and graffiti.

2. During the first crossover period, the mysterious essence on the logic path will be replaced by the Danganronpa crossover Essence. After the crossover ends, Danganronpa crossover Essence will be replaced by the season essence on the logic path.

3. After obtaining the essence, please open it as soon as possible. If the player still holds the essence that has not been turned on at the end of first crossover, the system will automatically turn on for players, and automatically distributed to the players by mail.

4. In crossover essence, before players obtain all the A costumes, they won’t obtain the A costumes which already existed.

5. When the second crossover starts,the first crossover essence【Danganronpa crossover Essence】will be back again.

Danganronpa Crossover - Battle Event[edit | edit source]

Danganronpa Crossover Event Battle event begins! Complete the assigned quests to claim the exclusive B accessory for Guard 26 - Mono Mono Machine. Complete further quests to claim items required for upgrading accessories. If you wish to upgrade your Mono Mono Machine with even more glorious effects, don't miss on this Ultimate Battle Event!

Event Quest 1

Log in 1 day to claim reward.

Reward: 20 Clues Clues.png

Event Quest 2

Log in 3 day to claim reward.

Reward: 50 Clues Clues.png

Event Quest 3

Log in 5 day to claim reward.

Reward: 80 Clues Clues.png

Event Quest 4

Complete 3 Normal Match or Ranked Match to claim reward (No less than 2,000 Deduction Points)

Reward: [Accessory] Guard 26 - Mono Mono Machine (B-Tier)

Event Quest 5

Complete 6 Normal Match or Ranked Match to claim reward (No less than 2,000 Deduction Points)

Reward: 96 Monocoins

Event Quest 6

Complete 8 Normal Match or Ranked Match to claim reward (No less than 2,000 Deduction Points)

Reward: 96 Monocoins

Event Quest 7

Complete 10 Normal Match or Ranked Match to claim reward (No less than 2,000 Deduction Points)

Reward: 96 Monocoins

Event Quest 8

Complete 12 Normal Match or Ranked Match to claim reward (No less than 2,000 Deduction Points)

Reward: 96 Monocoins

Event Quest 9

Complete 15 Normal Match or Ranked Match to claim reward (No less than 2,000 Deduction Points)

Reward: 96 Monocoins

Danganronpa Crossover - The “Present” from Monokuma[edit | edit source]

When Monokuma strikes, his exclusive accessory Mono Mono Machine will be the manor as well. During the event, you can obtain rewards including Guard 26’s exclusive accessory Mono Mono Machine by completing login, online and battle missions. Event time: May 28th, 2020 after maintenance - June 4th, 2020 before maintenance

After the event, accessory Mono Mono Machine will be available in the store. The sale time will be on June 4th, 2020 after maintenance - June 25th, 2020 before maintenance. At the same time, players can upgrade the machine to A quality through collecting Monocoins as well as purchasing Monocoins by using echoes to upgrade into S, even with SS accessory. This accessory will add more special effects in terms of the quality. Monocoins can be exchanged into Danganronpa crossover Essence in the event interface.

Danganronpa Crossover - Monokuma's Gift[edit | edit source]

Exchange Monocoins obtained from quests or obtained through Echo Echoes.png exchange for exclusive rewards.

Exchange Items
Item Cost
1 Danganronpa Crossover Essence 480 Monocoins
Upgrade B-Tier Mono Mono Machine 480 Monocoins
Upgrade A-Tier Mono Mono Machine 728 Monocoins
Upgrade S-Tier Mono Mono Machine 3288 Monocoins

Danganronpa Crossover - Share Event[edit | edit source]

When the <Danganronpa> crossover starts, share the crossover pictures that can accumulate the number of global sharing. When the total number of global sharing reaches different stages can obtain the corresponding rewards. Players can share to Twitter or Facebook.

Share Rewards
Shares Rewards
600000 1 Danganronpa Crossover Essence
1.2 Mill 1 Danganronpa Crossover Essence
1.8 Mill 1 Danganronpa Crossover Essence
2.4 Mill 1 Danganronpa Crossover Essence
3 Mill 1 Danganronpa Crossover Essence

Event time: May 28th, 2020 after maintenance - 23:59:59,June 7th, 2020

June[edit | edit source]

200 Million Visitors Celebration Event:[edit | edit source]

To celebrate this milestone of reaching 200 million visitors and giving our thanks to all our players, we are offering new rewards this week!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Log in every day and claim the corresponding rewards upon each sign-in. If you sign in for a total of 7 days, you could get TEN Season 11 Essence 3!

Log-In Day Reward
1 50 Clues Clues.png
2 [Temporary Identity] General Character (3d)
3 50 Fragments Fragments.png
4 3 S11E3 Essences
5 50 Inspirations Inspirations.png
6 [Temporary Costume] General A Costume (3d)
7 7 S11E3 Essences
  • Event Duration: From June 18, 2020 after maintenance (NA-EU servers open on June 18, at 7:30) to June 25, 2020 23:59:59 (server time)
  • Special Package: This limited-edition special package can be purchased in the shop for 10 Echoes. The package contains 20 Inspirations, 28 Clues, [Temporary Costume] General A Costume (3d) x1, [Temporary Identity] Hunter (3d) x1, and [Temporary Identity] Survivor (3d) x1.
  • Available Period: From June 18, 2020 (after maintenance) to June 25, 2020 23:59:59 (server time)

2nd Anniversary Celebration Warm-up Event[edit | edit source]

[Prologue - Welcome to the Golden Rose Theatre]:[edit | edit source]

A mysterious commission letter raised the curtain on the mystery that happened in Golden Rose Theatre. Whom are the characters involved in this macabre story?

With a mysterious letter of commission, the prologue to the story of the Golden Rose Theatre begins. Log in to the Event page every day during the event to obtain clues, fragments, and other rewards. Upon your first entry to the event page, you will receive an Anniversary-exclusive Dynamic Graffiti.

[Prologue - Welcome to the Golden Rose Theatre]
Log-In Day Text Description Reward
1 Detective Diary: I received a letter of commission from someone with the initials DM. Judging from the content, it appears to be my former comrade in arms. He has returned to his aristocratic life. The Golden Rose Theatre? The leading actress "Madame Bella"? Is our playboy returning to the stage? Now that my ongoing investigation is getting nowhere, I'll treat this as a break and take it on. [Graffiti] Photographer - Commission Letter
2 An old newspaper reads: The last performance of Lachesis' Coin, with a photo of the theatre's Director, "Scrooge", and one of the theatre's main actors, Kroto. 30 Clues Clues.png
3 A place of gossip with an unknown source: The Golden Rose Theatre houses two silver tongues - the new leading actor, "Ronald of Ness" and the playwright, "Rusty Penpoint". 30 Fragments Fragments.png
4 An aristocratic teen who frequents the Golden Rose Theatre: I've been trying to sneak backstage to see Madame Bella, yet I'd be either shooed off by the Production Manager, "Commander", or blocked by Madame Bella's maid, "Phonograph". 30 Inspirations Inspirations.png
5 A news report titled "The Theatre's Heroes Behind the Scenes", an interview with the theatre's stylist, Golden Scissors, and the makeup artist, Fragrance Queen included. 50 Clues Clues.png
6 An ex-worker of the Golden Rose Theatre: Despite the reputation of the Golden Rose Theatre, a lot of backstage workers were indolent at their job. Not the bellboy, Jingle Bells, and the stage control, "Smarty Pants", though; they are the most responsible people I've ever met. 50 Fragments Fragments.png
7 Unreliable information from the butler of a certain theatre: Apart from Madame Bella, their Director also wanted to recruit the Golden Rose Theatre's stuntman, Sparrow and the Stand-in, Encore. 50 Spyglasses

[Notice of Reward! Golden Rose Theatre Investigation]:[edit | edit source]

Share the link with your friends and invite them to collect stories. Complete the commission and uncover the hidden secret about the Golden Rose Theatre. Will you be able to collect the 200,000 yen commission fee?

[Notice of Reward! Golden Rose Theatre Investigation]
Incident Postcard Description
1: The Great Theatre Director
GRTI 1.jpeg
The Golden Rose Theatre was founded by the current director. In the beginning, he also wrote the drama. The premiere of Moira's first song <The Coin of Lachesis> was a hit, and the leading actress also became famous. People even call her the name of heroine Lachesis, and the theatre was unstoppable.
2: Sundowner
GRTI 2.jpeg
<The Coin of Lachesis> was performed over and over again. People gradually lost their interest and began to look forward to the Second Episode. However, the theatre director suddenly hit the wall in terms of creating. The other new performances also responded poorly. The theatre soon went into bankruptcy. However, when the rumors of Lachesis preparing to change jobs spread the city, everything in a turning point. The theatre suddenly announced that it was preparing for the final re-arrangement of <The Coin of Lachesis?, then it would end the contract with Lachesis. Lachesis was about to leave France. People flocked for this last show, and a ticket was hard to come by. However, to everyone's surprise, the last performance turned out to be the "last song", Godess of Destiny's coin turned to the side of the doom, and Lachesis fell to ground and died.
3: The Guilty Mechanic
GRTI 3.jpeg
The police investigation report shows that the reason for the fall of Lachesis was due to the improper maintenance of the protective fence of the lift. The mechanic in charge of the maintenance went to prison, He died because of severe cold illness in the first year of imprisonment. It is said that he had a son who was studying in France and came back to arrange the mechanic's funeral. But no one heard from him since.
4: Hidden Hatred
GRTI 4.jpeg
For some reason, despite the Second Episode being nowhere ready after the accident, the theatre seemed to have financial support and remained in business. The supporting actress in the First Episode, Clotho, was starting to make a name for herself by performing in plays. according to the industry rumours, the director never gave up on the Third Episode which would be a story all about Clotho. This could be the reason why Clotho stayed, in hopes of becoming famous just like Lachesis did. To everyone's surprise, the theatre started to recruit a leading actress with a handsome salary.
5: Bella Donna! Bella Donna!
GRTI 5.jpeg
The leading actress who eventually joined the theatre was named Madame Bella. She was french, gorgeous, and extremely talented. But she was also very arrogant and had many odd habits. For instance, she had her trusted maid accompany her daily. She liked meeting powerful people, but her temper was fluctuant. Interestingly, considering her personality and style, the new work of the director was not about the thoughtful Clotho, but the Goddess of Destiny instead, which is invariably in charge of the storyline of "Atropos' Ropes". Who knows whether this lady will repeat Lachesis's mistakes?
Reward: 5x 100 Clues Clues.png (per Incident), 50 Inspirations Inspirations.png

Dragon Boat Event[edit | edit source]

Ships ahoy! Rejoice in Dragon Boat Festival joy! As summer approaches, the Dragon Boat Festival comes along!

Participate in our Dragon Boat Festival events and get your hands on Dragon Boat Festival exclusive Graffiti, portrait frame, and more!

Dragon Boat Event
Quest Description Reward
Log in Log in to the game. 5 Clues Clues.png
Remain Online Spend 30 minutes online. 10 Clues Clues.png
Greetings Win 1 match (not including Custom, Five-Player or Blackjack mode).


Enter "Happy Dragon Boat Festival" in the Public Channel.

5 Fragments Fragments.png
Battle Complete 2 matchs (not including Custom, Five-Player or Blackjack mode). 15 Fragments Fragments.png
Graffiti Reward 1 Complete 7 Quests (this quest itself does not count as one quest completion) [Graffiti] Hanging Calamus
Graffiti Reward 2 Complete 14 Quests (this quest itself does not count as one quest completion) [Graffiti] Traditional Craft
Graffiti Reward 3 Complete 20 Quests (this quest itself does not count as one quest completion) [Portrait Frame] Dragon Boat Race

Atropos's Ropes[edit | edit source]

Full Article at Atropos's Ropes.

Sports Day[edit | edit source]

The Manor Athletic Games are about to begin!

Event Time: July 23, 2020 (after maintenance,The start time for NA servers begins on July 23, 2020 at 00:00:00)) - August 2, 2020 23:59:59 (Server Time)

Sports Daily[edit | edit source]

Check-in daily to obtain rewards. Players can also read about the progress of the games in the sports newspapers and discover hints about upcoming essences. Claim your newspapers daily to obtain Graffiti - Fencing, Graffiti - Long Jump, and other rewards. Claim all of your newspapers to obtain an event exclusive Portrait Frame - Path of Honour.

Sports Daily Rewards
Log-In Day Reward
1 20 Clues Clues.png
2 20 Fragments Fragments.png
3 [Graffiti] Fencing
4 30 Clues Clues.png
5 30 Fragments Fragments.png
6 [Graffiti] Long Jump
7 40 Clues Clues.png
8 20 Inspirations Inspirations.png
9 30 Spyglasses
All [Portrait Frame] Honour

Relay Race[edit | edit source]

Obtain Sports Energy through daily battles. Infuse Sports Energy to a contestant on that day to recharge them. When the energy of the entire server reaches a certain level, players who have infused energy on that day will obtain rewards. For every 100 energy infused, players will also obtain a Sports Badge to redeem Dancer's Event Costume - Gymnast, Survivor's Accessory - Sports Trophy, Mercenary's Emote - Boxing, Event Portrait - Long-distance Running, and other rewards.

Relay Race Rewards
Character Server Support Energy Reward
Doctor 1M 20 Clues Clues.png
5M 20 Fragments Fragments.png
Thief 1M 20 Clues Clues.png
5M 20 Fragments Fragments.png
Forward 1M 20 Clues Clues.png
5M 20 Fragments Fragments.png
Mind's Eye 1M 20 Clues Clues.png
5M 20 Fragments Fragments.png
Enchantress 1M 20 Clues Clues.png
5M 20 Fragments Fragments.png
Mad Eyes 1M 20 Clues Clues.png
5M 20 Fragments Fragments.png
Bloody Queen 1M 20 Clues Clues.png
5M 20 Fragments Fragments.png
Axe Boy 1M 20 Clues Clues.png
5M 20 Fragments Fragments.png
Smiley Face 1M 20 Clues Clues.png
5M 20 Fragments Fragments.png
Oletus Manor Newspaper Transcript
Day/Character Main Article Side Article Gossip Column
1/Doctor The first day of the relay has begun! As a prelude to the Sports Meet, the organizer invited 9 contestants to take part in the race. Emily has taken the first step in the race. Eache racecourse is a long way to go, so please be generous with your applause and supoer which will certainly inspire the contestants to achieve greater results. Who's a turncoat?

Something odd happened in this Sports Meet. A cheerleader cheered for the oppposing teams during the same match. As the competitions were heated, no one paid attention at the time. A reporter discovered this while taking photos of the competitons. The cheerleader disappeared into thin air after the match.

The Gossip Column will bring to you interesting news about the Sports Meets, the credibility of which we can't be 100% certain.
2/Thief The first day of the competitions has come to an end. Emily completed the first part of the race amidst everyone's cheers an applause. She did well despite getting exhausted during the race and never gave up. With her strong willpower, she persisted until the end to meet up with Kreacher. Today, Kreacher has set off with his long-distance running. He seemed really excited before the race. Let's wait and see what he can achieve. Hanafuda

The Hanafuda's rich eastern flavour drew a lot of attention to this Sports Meet. It's rumoured that one of the Japanese contestants had once lost in a competiton, so she's making a comeback to reclaim her victory.

There were reports that Emily often subconciously touched her healing kit when she was physically exhausted during the race. However, all of such tools were left in the temporary custody of the organizing commitee before the race.
3/Forward Kreacher did well on Day 2 and completed the second part of the race with excellent results. The contestant for the third part of the race is William, who has always been atheletic. Even though his sense of direction may be off at times, let's cheer for him. Quiet Baseball Player

A baseball player has caught this paper's attention. He has always been quiet and kept to himself. He refused to be interviewed and never joins any gatherings. His baseball uniform suggests how competent and experienced he is. Yet what does the "9-5" on his cap represent. Let's wait and see. We look forward to his performance.

Kreacher was spotted running backward occasionally when he was running in places with few people around. The amazing thing is that this didn't seem to have slowed him down.
4/Mind's Eye The seeded contestant really can't be underestimated. William completed the race with ease and wanted to participate more. After meeting up with Helena, William offered to complete the fourth part of the race with her. Yet Helena turned him down and wanted to complete her own challenge by herself. So admirable, wouldn't you say? Frustrated Boxer

The boxing match will take place shortly after the relay with contestants coming rom all over the world. Yet one contestant stands out with a broken belt around his waist, which seems to harbor a hidden past. Everything shall be revealed at the "Finals".

Once he was out of the spectators' view, William stopped suddenly and looked as if he wasn't quite used to the pace. He crouched all of a sudden, picked up a rock, and sprinted forward, looking satisfied with a smile on his face.
5/Enchantress Let's cheer for Helena! She completed the fourth part of the race all by herself. She overcame every obstacle along the way and ended her journey with an embrace with Patricia. Carrying on with the spirits of the first four contestants, Patricia started off her part of the race with a sprint. We can't wait to see her amazing performance. Equestrian Interlude

Today at noon, a van transported a large number of horses o the racecourse to kick off the upcoming equestrian event. Yet there was an interlude where a contestant fell off is horse. He wore a single white glove which fell off and revealed an injured arm. Hopefully, this won't affect his performance.

Before the race began, the organising committee arranged a guide for Helena. After the lady in green introduced herself to Helena, she was turned down. Helena was determined to finish the race on her own. She's really admirable.
6/Mad Eyes Burke congratulated Patricia for completing the race as they met up. She smiled and waved to the audience before leaving the racecource. Burke started off with his part of the race immediately. According to the reports on the scene, he wanted to return to his laboratory as quickly as possible to complete his next "masterpiece". We look forward to his performance in the race, as well as his new invention. Aquatic Sports

The swimming arena was closed for unexplained reasons. The races have to be held outdoors and visitors can watch for free. The next female swimming heat has already attracted a lot of audience members. A contestant who was clearly injured managed to advanced with great results, receiving applause from everyone in the audience.

Our reporter fainted all of a sudden while following Patricia. We're sorry but we won't be able to provide any gossip about her.
7/Bloody Queen Burke completed his part of the race and thanked Mary when they met. Mary thanked him back and immediately set off on her part of the race. She was as graceful as a dancing fairy as she commenced on her journey and soon disappeared from the audience's view. We trust that she will complete her part of the race with excellence. Fencing Master

The exhilarating fencing competition is about to commence. The contestants' swords become the center of focus. Curiously, one of the contestants brought two swords with them. According to our investigation, one of the swords is actually a broken sword that has been reattached. The contestant has brought it with them as a memento. The dedication in their eyes is unforgettable.

An incident happened during Burke's part of the race. A tree had fallen and blocked the racecourse. Just as the organizing committee was sending out a team to remove the tree, Guard 26 appeared out of nowhere to help Burke. What a reassuring fellow.
8/Axe Boy Having met up with Robbie, Mary crouched and patted Robbie lightly on the head before thanking everyone and disappearing into the crowd. Robbie was really excited and bounced off into his part of the race. Let's cheer for him. he won't let us down. Checkmate

Chess was one of the few intellectual competition in this Sports Meet. An unfortunate accident happened after one of the preliminaries. A contestant was hospitalized after being hit by a heavy object and couldn't take part in the competition. The odd thing was that there was nothing at the scene which could cause his injury. The police are looking into this closely.

Mary's graceful dancing during the race was mesmerising. Her breathtaking beauty captivated everyone, yet they didn't notice that she went off-course.
9/Smiley Face The final day of relay race is here. Robbie completed his part of the race with ease and passed on the baton to Joker. Joker will complete the entire race with all eyes on him. We're also approaching that ultimate "Final". There will be more amazing races and excellent contestant coming. Let's say goodbye for now and we look forward to seeing you again. Chess Puzzle

The relay race was coming to a close, yet the Atheletic Games have only just begun. Mysteries seemed to surround the contestants while the development of the entire competition seemed to be controlled by an invisible hand. Nevertheless, the "Final" will take place for sure and the truth will come out.

Robbie's childlike spirit was apparent during the race. He was easily distracted by his surroundings. It therefore took him a lot longer than expected to reach the finish line.

New Room Event[edit | edit source]

As the new Room "Dust-laden Office" becomes available in store, we've also prepared several mini-events for you. Complete event quests to obtain furniture, music notes, and other amazing rewards. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

New Room Event Quest
Description Reward
Log in 1 day. 20 Clues Clues.png
Log in 3 days. 20 Fragments Fragments.png
Log in 5 days. 3 B-Notes
Complete 1 matchs (not including Custom, Five-Player or Blackjack mode). 1 B-Notes
Complete 3 matchs (not including Custom, Five-Player or Blackjack mode). 3 B-Notes
Complete 5 matchs (not including Custom, Five-Player or Blackjack mode). 5 B-Notes
Complete 10 matchs (not including Custom, Five-Player or Blackjack mode). 10 B-Notes
Achieve victory in 3 matches (not including Custom, Five-Player or Blackjack mode) (No less than 2,000 Deduction Points). [Furniture] Butterfly Specimen
Achieve victory in 5 matches (not including Custom, Five-Player or Blackjack mode) (No less than 2,000 Deduction Points). [Furniture] Organ

September[edit | edit source]

Mid-Autumn Festival[edit | edit source]

Mid-Autumn Event: As a new lunar phase begins in September, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival is also raising its curtains. Before the festival starts, we've prepared a warm-up event for you! Share a minigame with your friends and contribute to the server-wide sharing count! All visitors are eligible to claim rewards upon reaching the corresponding sharing count. Visitors can play the minigame by accessing the link and help the wandering characters find their way home—the more characters they've assembled, the more rewards they will get! The Mid-Autumn Festival event will be ready after the maintenance on September 30. See you soon!

Sharing Event[edit | edit source]

Amount Reward
200k 20 Clues Clues-2020.png
500k 20 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
800k 20 Spyglasses
1.2M 40 Clues Clues-2020.png
1.6M 30 Inspirations Inspirations-2020.png
2M 5 Memory Sphere 11 Memory Sphere.png

Finding the way home on Mid-Autumn Festival[edit | edit source]

Character Reward Task Answer
Smiley Face Find Item Top Right (Find Rocket Launcher)
The Ripper Question Rose Cane (Hug Emote Acc for Ripper)
Geisha Find Item Top Left (Find Fan)
Wu Chang Question Black Umbrella (Significant item to WuChang)
Photographer Find Item Top Right (Find Camera)
50 Clues Clues-2020.png
Axe Boy Question Peaceful Pines (Name of Axe Boy's Pines)
Bloody Queen Find Item Bottom Left (Find Mirror)
Disciple Question Black Cat (Ann's Item)
Hell Ember Find Item Bottom Right (Find Shark Plushie)
Evil Reptilian Question Jumping (Evil Reptilian's Ability)
50 Clues Clues-2020.png
Doctor Question Emily (Doctor's Name)
Gardener Find Item Right (Find Toolbox)
Magician Question Decoy (Magician's Item)
Mercenary Find Item Right (Find Elbow Pads)
Mechanic Question When Decoding a Cipher (Cannot interact with robot)
40 Fragments Fragments-2020.png
Mind's Eye Find Item Left (Find Cane)
Perfumer Question Euphoria (Name of Perfume)
Seer Find Item Top Right (Find Owl)
Embalmer Question Summon coffin for embalming (Embalmer's skill)
Gravekeeper Find Item Right (Find Shovel)
3 Memory Spheres Memory Sphere.png